Buying a car can be a liberating experience, if you are in high school or beginning college. Unfortunately, buying the car of your dreams isn’t up to you but rather depends on your parent or guardian financial capacity . If your parents are wealthy, then you can by all means acquire the ride that you desire.

However, if you are among the majority of teenagers whose parents have budget constraints, then your only option is to find a cheap car that is both safe and fun. Additionally, most parents usually insist that teens consider fuel and insurance costs when making a choice. If you are struggling to find cheap car models that can serve you well, then here are top 10 cheap good cars for teenagers that you should be considering.

Cheap Good Cars Teenagers Can Buy

1. Honda Fit


Honda Fit

Slightly smaller compared to the popular Honda Civic, Honda Fit is designed with fun and practicality in mind. The car is fitted with magic seats, which can allow you and your friends to pack quickly your belongings, particularly, if you are heading to college.

2. Chevrolet Malibu(2009-2012)

This model is practical, safe and comfortable. For instance, the model has straight-forward controls, like adjustable pedals and steering wheels, which are a huge help for teen, especially those who are still growing. Also, the car is well-padded and has enough elbow room. The car costs around $8,125 or more depending on the merchant you are purchasing from

3. Ford Focus(2010-2012)

Ford Focus is an ideal cheap car for teenagers that you should consider. For example, the car has excellent features like upright sitting position that allows the driver to a have a good or clear view of the road. The automobile also comes with a Sync infotainment system that enables phone connections to be hand free. Additionally, the car has a huge cabin and manual transmission that most teenagers enjoy. This car costs around $6,050

4. Ford Fusion(2010-2012)

Ford Fusion(2010-2012)

The Fusion is basically bigger than the focus and has sophisticated interior and stable controls. The car is also fitted with Bluetooth technology which comes handy for a tech-savvy teen. Compared to others cars, the Fusion is spacious besides having some of the best seats that guarantees big comfort. If you consider this car as an option then it costs around $8,000 to own one.

5. Hyundai Sonata (2006-2014)

The Hyundai Sonata is a comfortable, luxurious car fit for a teen under a budget. The car has been widely revered for its excellent gas mileage that racks up at 26 mpg. The car is very affordable despite having a spacious back seat that can accommodate three friends. The car is priced at $5, 225

6. Kia Soul(2010-2011)

Kia Soul is an excellent car for teenagers that is both safe and has a good mileage. The car is equipped with high-tech systems that enable teens to make hands-free calls and helps them to play their favorite songs from their smartphones. Additionally, the upright position feature of the car gives the driver a clear view of the road for safe driving. The car costs around $8,600.

7. Mazda 3(2011-2013)

This model is not only fuel efficient but also safe and fun to drive. The model usually comes in two main types, either the informed hatchback or sedan. Additionally, the car has prime front seats, a navigation system, and Bluetooth capability. It costs around $9,800.

More Cheap Good Cars for Teenagers

8. Mazda6(2009-2013)

2009 Mazda 6

The Mazda 6 is one of the few sporty and mid sized sedans you can find in the market. The car has a sharp steering and measured handling which makes it very enjoyable to drive. It also has a seats and cushion made ideally for tall teens. Additionally, the models have larger gripper tires for safety driving and an impressive interior. Costs around $8,300

9. Toyota RAV4(2004-2012)

Toyota RAV4(2004-2012)

If your teen is heading off to college, then this model is quite impressive because it has ample safety features, as well as enough space for cargo. The car has precise controls, as well as all-wheel drive to cope with inclement weather. It costs around $7,300, a fair price for a stable car model.

10. Volkswagen Jetta(2009-2010)

Considerably a smaller car than the options mentioned above, the Jetta has solid handles and is generally stable when driving under duress. Another advantage is that the car has large windows, firm seats and a spacious trunk ideal for college moving teen. The car is usually priced at around $ 7,200 or more depending on the car dealer in your location.