Drifting is a unique driving skill which involves a driver using extra force to drive a car than what is required. In most cases the car changes its appearance in that the front wheels are spread to reverse directions. Car drifting dates back to 1970 in Japan when Kunimistu Takahashi invented diverse drifting techniques. Drift cars are absolutely different from normal cars. They are light to regulate the heaviness in a rear wheel drive. In car drifting, drivers often strike a balance between sticking to the set racing lines and retaining great slip angles. This article will pay attention to the 8 best drift cars.

We have quite a lot of drift cars most of them being shipped from Japan and exported to various countries. This has created a stiff competition on the Automobile industry as a result. Manufacturers have therefore been forced up their game hence perfecting the few drift cars they have into the 8 best drift cars.

1. One of the best drift cars is the BMW M3. This is the latest version of BMW released from the BMW M Company. It is a sport version of Sedan that has a horsepower that ranges between 425-444 hp, a unique brake master cylinder, twelve diverse and special body plates that enhance aerodynamics. This curb weight weighs about 1, 165 to 1,360 kilograms. It is also a two door convertible hence makes car racing pleasurable. In 2014, this car was befitted with the Active Assist tech structure that allows it to drive itself. This car is perfect for all weather conditions. BMW M3 is the best racing car ever. Drifting is fun and enjoyable with BMW M3.


2. Among the best 8 drift cars is the Mazda RX-7. This is a sports car made in Japan. It replaced the RX-3 Mazda model. This car is best known for drifting due to its light weight which is 1,000-1,100 kilograms, its swift speed of 255hp and its unique two door coupe. When drifting this car produces huge flames from the exhaust. Most sport racing fans have insinuated that this car spits flames.


3. The third best drifting car is Ford Mustang. This is a unique sports car that weighs 3,469-3,825 lbs with a fast speed of 300-435hp. Ford Mustang is huge in nature and is availed in different colors. It has a big engine that is responsible for adrenaline rush that drivers experience. This is what we call pure exhilaration with Ford Mustang.

Salon de l'auto de Genève 2014 - 20140305 - Ford

4. Nissan 350Z is a two seat sports car that is well suited for racing. It has a curb weight of 1,446-1,634 kilograms hence its very light to drift. This car has exhibited great performances when put to test. It also generates the best exhaust sounds when driven. Nissan 350Z is not an ideal car to use on rough pavements however. It may produce shocks to the driver causing injury.


5. Toyota Corolla AE86 is an unsurpassed drifter. This is a tiny light weight car that is popularly known for its magic in racing. Its curb weight is incredible and weighs about 923-1089 kilograms. This enhances speeding and a good production of flames as well. Corolla AE86 has a powerful engine that makes drifting enjoyable and worth a lifetime.


6. Mercedes C63 is a classic example of the best car drifter we have. This car has an unmatched speed. It is ideal for all weather conditions. For instance drivers can drive Mercedes C63 in deserts where it withstands all rocky conditions. It is important to note that this car is waterproof and has the best engine that has been equipped with the latest technology.


7. Toyota Supra. Among the 8 best drift cars, this is the car I would go for. This car rocked in the 80s and 90s and still rocks to date. It has a front engine that is very productive when it comes to sports racing. Toyota Supra is endowed with the lightest curb weight of 1,270 kilograms which is a little bit intimidating for drivers. Supra is a great drifter that appeared on the Fast and Furious movie.


Nissan Skyline R33 GTS-T represents a variety of sports car that are used for sports racing. If you need an ideal and classic sports car this is the place to visit. Nissan Skyline does not disappoint.



Drifting is fun and enjoyable but drifting using the 8 best drift cars is a thrilling experience.