Motorcycle riding is always an activity associated with lots of fun. However, the prospect of riding a motorbike requires you to choose the best motorcycle boots, whether for fun or during competitions, knowing that this adventure comes with lots of risks. In fact, according to recent studies by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were nearly ninety-five thousand motorcycle related injuries worldwide as a result of accidents in 2015 alone. Thirty percent of these injuries happen to your feet or legs, the research concludes.

The right riding boots are relatively expensive but, because they are a critical safety gear, nothing should deter you from investing in them. There are a lot of features that you must consider when purchasing these particular boots.

Best Motorcycle Boots

What to look for in a motorcycle riding boot:

Protective features must be at the top of your list: All experts agree that any decent racing boot should offer some degree of protection both at your heel and toes, either in the form of pieces of armor or internal reinforcements/external sliders. A riding boot should be equipped with the armor which offers protection to your shins as well as the back of your legs. Some boots are also designed with an extra structure known as a brace-style system which provides additional support and protection to your ankle in the event of an accident.

The material: Most normal walking boots are made of soft leather or canvas which is not very substantial when it comes to hitting the asphalt. However, motorcycle riding boots are made of thick leather specially designed to offer high abrasion resistance.

Thanks to technology, new riding boots are designed from textile materials which are not only more breathable but offer incredible abrasion resistance and support. You should also consider other reinforcements in high-wear regions, such as textile, dual layers of leather or even plastic sliders. If you are likely to ride in varying weather, you’ll need some special protection too. If you settle for leather, just ensure that it’s treated leather. If you didn’t know, untreated leather has the tendency to absorb moisture rather than repel it.

Construction: This is a fundamental feature. A well-constructed boot is one which has been put together with double or triple stitching so as to allow it stay together even in cases of severe accidents. How its sole connects is equally an essential factor. A sole which is sewn will not only last longer but will also protect your feet.

Comfort: Sports bike boost will need to be comfortable, both regarding temperature and fit. A secure and comfortable fitting mechanism, such as those offered by the zip and Velcro closure is ideal.

To help you select the best riding boots easily, we have selected the six best products which you can choose from. Peruse through the article and enhance your knowledge.

The White O’Neal Element Boots For MEN, Size 14.

Best motorcycle boots

Each component of this particular boot has been carefully constructed with the passion so as to offer optimal performance. It features a bonded sole which not only guarantees protection but equally provides the much-needed durability. From touch sole with a metal shank to fully adjustable four buckle closure technology, this riding boot has everything you would expect from a high-end product.

In a bid to enhance the level of comfort offered by the boot, it features padding and generous heel support. Overall, this is a high-quality motorbike riding boot which offers an ergonomic foot bed, durability and ease of use. For such a relatively lower price and with lots of amazing features, it is a product worth considering.

TourMaster 2.0 Solution Cold Weather WP Black Road Boots.

Best motorcycle boots

With Tour Master riding boots, it’s all about maximum safety. An all-conquering motorcycle boots manufacturer, Tour Master developed this particular product to allow you to ride comfortably in any weather condition. Sleek design, a sturdy and durable sole coupled with flex panels, the 2.0 WP road boots is truly your daily and high mileage touring partner.

Bearing in mind that it has a HiPora waterproof membrane at its disposal, it will keep your feet warm all through, by typically allowing hot air to escape while preventing water from coming into contact with your feet. The VR single density compound sole is intended to offer reliable grip, especially during an accident. It also features a molded nylon shin and ankle protection backed with shock absorbing material. Perhaps what set these boots apart is the additional safety features that they have. Shock absorbing latex foam on flex panels, preformed orthopedic absorbing foot pad, as well as leather stretch panels for an unmatched level of durability and comfort, are some of these features.

Off-Road Forma Adventure Motorbike Boots.

Best motorcycle boots

Here is another fantastic riding boot which has all the qualities any rider would want. For maximum protection, it is designed with plastic gear pad, replaceable GH plastic buckles, and an adjustable Velcro closure.

It also has a rear Flex Control System, and this implies that it allows your ankle to bend naturally, but, it limits the amount at which the ankle turns backward. This is extremely vital during accidents. The inner-dry text casing is both breathable and waterproof while the plastic protection is only visible from the outside of the boot, and this prevents your foot from making direct contact with the ground especially in the event of a slide. It’s sole is designed from aggressive triple density rubber to offer anti-shock qualities. What’s more, the heel has shock absorbing capability and helps to reduce the level of impact as much as possible.

What makes these boots so special are the extra soft padding made of polymer as well as the anti-bacterial footbed which is adjustable with APS functionality.

Oiled Brown Gaerne Balance Riding Boots.

Best motorcycle boots

For quite some time now, Gaerne has been producing top-end boots, and this is its typical product. They are super well made with excellent fit and durability in mind. It is also waterproof thanks to its breathable Gaerne Drytech membrane. The sole made of gum rubber completes the task for a great riding experience with maximum bike control.

It is imperative to note that the balance is typically made from MX leather, which is nearly thirty percent thicker as compared to the street boot leather. They are light in weight and features a soft, easy-to-walk inner sole. As such, they offer outstanding comfort.

The whole upper part of the boot is made from five pieces, so fewer seams. This enables the boots to crease without creating pressure points. Most importantly, they have a wide toebox, a phenomenon which makes them great and perfect for individuals with wide feet.

Another feature which makes them a great dual support is perhaps the mid-sole construction. Typically, the mid-sole is the region below the footbed, above the outsole. If you didn’t know, it is the area which defines the stiffness of the sole flex thus the protection. It is where most manufacturers cut corners to reduce costs. The balance utilizes a modified MX boot midsole which is not only supportive but extremely flexible.

Black Tech Seven Men’s Motocross Riding Boots.

Best motorcycle boots

This is a revolutionary motorcycle boot which incorporates the latest technology with innovative materials in an entirely unique design for a lighter and ergonomic fit. It is CE certified and typically enhances core stability and flex, thanks to a biomechanical pivot which additionally offers incredible ankle protection.

The TPU shin-plate construction coupled with a reinforced loop-and-loop closures provide optimal comfort and highly customized fitments. On the other hand, its ergonomic buckle system is intended to provide you with a more secure and personalized fit.

Water and dirt are all barred from entering your feet with the help of the microfiber gaiter. The top rear flexion of the boot is supported at the calf by the innovative TPU sliding blade system which also aids to dissipate friction. Of course, the TPU blade system also offers flexibility while helping combat frontal hyperextension.

Sidi Gore Black Adventure Motorcycle Boots.

Best motorcycle boots

This sturdy, high-performance and subtle boots by Sidi are typically equipped with comfort and armor to provide you with both feel and protection. A bit more comfortable than most conventional boots, the Adventure GTX motorcycle boots incorporate a robust and shock-resistant heel cup, a hinged ankle protection, top grain leather construction and an attractive sweat-wicking cambrelle lining with replaceable cam-lock buckles and composite inner sole.

The relatively slim adjustable calf easily fits inside the pant leg of nearly every riding pant, something which is not often possible with traditional off-road riding boots.

As one of its most excellent features, these boots are a hundred percent waterproof and breathable and with a Gore-Tex lining which will keep you dry at all times. Though relatively expensive, these boots are what you need to take your riding experience to the next level.

The Bottom Line

Your feet form an integral part of your body. They are what many people use every single day, and you must ensure that you protect them at every moment. When riding a motorbike, your feet are always exposed not only to varying weather elements but also to injury. Luckily, you have a whole ton of motorcycle boots to choose from and protect yourself against severe injuries in the event of an accident. We have given you a list of the best riding boots to choose from.