Whatever prices a potential customer is willing to pay for your car that automatically becomes its current value. But the truth is, you want to get the highest amount that you can for your used car. Making your car very attractive to buyers and having the baseline amount that similar cars are worth in the market can help you make the right bargain.

Below is our 10 best websites for car appraisal

10. Carsoup.com



Some people may not fancy this site as regards the online used car market, but for those that care to know, you can get attractive features like video test drives, used car insurance, car prices and so much more. A worthy site for your car appraisal.

9. MojoMotors.com

Hand with money and car keys

This site is unique in the sense that it allows you to do a “follow up” on used cars that you like and you can receive alerts when the prices of these cars change. You can equally decide to follow cars similar to yours and get their current value. Another important thing is that, they do not display paid ads for cars, so you can be rest assured that the information is authentic.

8.Yahoo! Answers–

I know you are surprised that it is on our 10 best websites for car appraisal. This site does so many things, among which is the provision of a good portal for used car buyers and sellers. Its network of TrueCar dealers provides great savings for buyers. You can get a pretty good information about your car’s worth here.

7. AutoBytel.com

It stands as one of the pioneers when you talk of internet used cars. The truth is that, it is waxing stronger as the day goes by. You can get a guaranteed purchase price of your car from a wide range of people willing to sell-off theirs—similar to yours– using the site.

6. CarDirect.com

This site allows you to search for used cars using price and body segment and basic criteria. With its impressive search tool, you can compare prices and ultimately determine the value of your car.

5. Cars.com

One of the most unique features about this site is the easy-to-use search function which does a great job; it helps consumers select the precise car they are looking for in a split second using the search function.

4. Fast Auto Sales

It is common among thrifty used car sellers. This site allows sellers the opportunity to post a listing free of charge, and it will continuously be up until the car is sold. For visitors seeking to buy used cars, there are several choices available to them.

3. eBay Motors

eBay Motors rank number 3 on our list of 10 best websites for car appraisal. You will agree with me that it is probably the largest among them all, with diverse range of private ads. It is possibly the best choice for both sellers and buyers that are exploring the best there is when it comes to different kinds of online listing. As you know, they have made a name for themselves, so information on this site is highly reliable.

2. Edmunds.com

If you are seeking for the most current price for your used car, then this site will provide you great information as regards that. With this basic information at your fingertips, you can then decide whether to trade-in or sell your car if you intend to get a new one. The quoted price is based on year, make, model, and finally the option of your car.

1. Kelley Blue Book

Here is one of the most trusted names in the industry and it ranks  number one on our 10 best websites for car appraisal. It’s quite educative when it comes to your expectation in terms of the current price of your used car. They have a useful interface, making it easy for buyers to make informed choices about used cars within their locality.

Who says you cannot sell your car at the right price? If you think your car is worth every inch of the price tag, then don’t settle for less. But before you take that plunge, it is essential you do your own quality research to ascertain its current value. With that in place, you will be able to sell-off your used car at a price that is befitting and satisfying to you, the owner.