Chris Brown has been on the top of the world for his achievements. His combination of talents has earned him a lavish lifestyle. The musical talent will always see millions running through his account every now and then. As always, being a celebrity in that caliber, you must keep everything trending, from the dress code, all the way to the car you drive.

During his career, he has had a share of some of the most expensive vehicles, on a global scale. It is always his custom to get the latest car, occasionally. Here is the list of some of the Most Expensive Cars of Chris Brown:

The Porsche Types

Orange Chevy Impala

#8243711 Singer Chris Brown and his girlfriend Karrueche Tran went on a shopping spree at Suru in Los Angeles, California on December 4, 2011. The couple and a few friends strolled back to his classic convertible on large rims and drove off with smiles. Fame Pictures, Inc - Santa Monica, CA, USA - +1 (310) 395-0500

Although it is an old model of the 60s, the vehicle has some modernizations that might be the reason why Chris Brown loved it. It is classy and spacious enough thanks to the large size of the posh car. Of course, he must have some additions to make the car look classy and up to his standards. From the class wheels to the power-hydraulics, this car is quite majestic.

Porsche turbo


For speed and luxury, this black vehicle was just perfect for Chris Brown. The turbo and high acceleration was just great and iconic for the celebrity. Maybe the comfort and optimization of the car led to the accident that made him opt for other cars in his fleet.



He customized this car to reach speeds of over 300km/hr with very high sprint levels. The blocky look of the car and the modern installations must have cost him well over $150000. In addition, the graffiti of the car makes it look unique and is a show of the celebrity class that he has.

Red and Black Bugatti Veyron


With the introduction of this model in 2005, Chris Brown was among the first people to buy the car. The Bugatti car is always great in speed and stability thanks to the powerful engine and great features. In addition, the fuel displacement is quite high at over 7L, which requires hefty fuelling. The red and black colors always gave him the attraction he deserves.

Lamborghini models

Aventador model


Lamborghini is notorious in developing vehicles that the world has never seen. The Aventador model must be among the most Expensive Cars of Chris Brown. With lift-doors and a low profile look, the red machine speaks the celebrity class that he lives. The beastly look is one that everyone will love to relate to. In addition, the turbo system is one that will leave the onlookers gazing, thanks to the powerful engine and powerful gear transmissions.

Gallardo model


The unique thing about this vehicle is the colorful look. In addition, Chris Brown upgraded the rims and the wheel sizes making the car look classier and luxurious. Being a Lamborghini, the performance and the power is just wonderful. The TuPac Shakur customized cars is among his favorite, when he is on the fancy moods.

Range Rover


For that official look, Chris Brown bought the black Range Rover. The model had a great efficiency in terms of engine and that accelerates to over 100km/h in less than 10 seconds. To add up to the luxury, the interior is spacious and full of modern installations. For fuel utilization, the range rover model goes up to 8.0 L displacement.

The Rezvani Beast


This is the latest of Most Expensive Cars of Chris Brown. From its name, the Beast is a great car in terms of trending fashion and performance. During its unveiling, Chris was the first to order the vehicle, which costs $ 200,000. Being a 2016 model, the vehicle is self-sustaining in terms of high acceleration and power of over 400-horse power.

Dodge Viper SRT

With this 2011 model, Brown has great stability and engine performance from this vehicle. For optimization, Chris Brown painted the Viper to red and made the wheel spokes in a matching design. At the time of purchase, it cost him over $100,000 which is worth given the over 500 worth of horsepower, from the V10 engine.

What the Future Holds For Chris Brown

Given the nature of car trends that he has, the future of the Most Expensive Cars of Chris Brown might take more class and performance. His love for the posh cars will always lead him to getting the latest of the modern cars. Maybe he will opt for Ferrari models in an effort to create some variations in his fleet.