You heard the term “Spoon Engine”, probably from a “Fast and Furious” movie series freak (or maybe, you are one too?), but you probably haven’t even seen one, let alone driven in a car fitted with one. There are countless forums devoted to defining what a Spoon engine is, but even there it is almost impossible to get a straight answer, let alone see a photo of such an engine. So what is this Spoon Engine hullabaloo, does such an engine really exist or is it just another movie industry created myth?

spoon engine

Well, actually, Spoon engines do exist (see picture)! The company itself has been in business for more than 40 years now. They are called Spoon from the simple fact that they are made by a Japanese sports engine manufacturers called Spoon Sports. The company specialises in what is called naturally aspirated (non-turbocharged/non-supercharged) high output “Honda” engines.

These internal combustion motors are high performance, and of course, high performance means really expensive. Spoon Sports does deal in aftermarket engine parts, but the cause for their fame is their engine kits which are designed for standard Honda models like Civic, Accord, S2000 and Acura Integra. The key idea behind Spoon engine remodeling is to make one of the mentioned Honda models run as fast as possible.

Furthermore On what You Need To Know About Spoon Engine

Although the company, is based in Tokyo, has its site, address and all, try finding a Spoon engine from an “ordinary” source. You can always try e-Bay, but imagine what that will cost you. As mentioned, Spoon does not build engines from the basic screws up, but rebuilds existing Honda engines using their own parts. Spoon Sports define the craving for their engines as “spoonism”, which as they say, represents the very essence of driving. Very fast, at that.

spoon engine

According to the building philosophy as the company describes it itself, their rebuilding ideas are based on the fact that aero parts have to be proven on the driving circuit, that brakes play a key part in the engine capability, the quality of the drive shaft, big throttle body, 2H head gasket, and a gusset plate specifically developed to reinforce the body (in S2000).What this engine building philosophy amounts to is what many call “crazy power” that Spoon engines produce.

If you really want or need a Spoon engine, your option (if you get to have one) is in buying a pre-modded engine (what is called a “crate engine”), or if money is more or less falling out of your pockets and you have a Honda engine on your hands, you can send it to Spoon Sports and they can rebuild it any way you wish. Then you can claim you have a Spoon Engine, and you will immediately earn the title of “Rice Boy”, a name given to those that claim to have driven a Honda fitted with a Spoon Engine.

So let’s take an example look at a car fit with everything Spoon Sports can throw at you. In this case, it is a Honda S2000, or Spoon 2000. At a test drive arranged by Spoon a few years back in Hakone Japan, the car was driven by Spoon Sport boss Ichima. It was a S2000 1999 AP1 model, fully built according to the Spoon philosophy, fitted with modifications like Spoon CR93 wheels and Spoon monobloc brakes. The engine that was fitted in the car was a Spoon F20C 2.2L complete engine, and the car also had a Spoon transmission, 4.44 final drive, upgraded clutch and what not else.

So it seems that Spoon myth is actually a reality. Spoon engines really do exists, but then, can you really get to one and if you do can you afford it? Whichever way it is, by all accounts, particularly those who have seen one of the engines themselves or were lucky enough to drive in a Honda fitted with one, it seems to be an unforgettable experience.

Maybe one day you will have a chance to get your hands or one, or maybe not. Whichever way, you can always dream or simply just run to your DVD collection and run through the complete series of “Fast and Furious” movies. Or maybe you can get your hands on one of the videos showcasing Spoon engines, they are worth a treat in themselves. And there is always a Spoon engine sticker if everything else fails.