Cars induce various emotions, attract many individuals for varying reasons, and come with a bevy of designs for different reasons. Some are purely made for a particular purpose e.g. carrying eight people, and some are built to represent a certain class level. In this article, we celebrate the 10 Amazing Cars of All Times, which can make you skip a heartbeat!

Most of the cars on this list were made before the safety and gas mileage restriction dropped. In those days, designers had the freedom to express themselves with bulbous bumpers and fenders, unbelievable sultry lines and crazy wings. You must have daydreamed about them as a kid, and you will enjoy this list as much as we do.

 A list of 10 amazing cars of all times

10. Bentley R-type Continental

Bentley R-type Continental

We can at best describe this car as stately. Although this model was designed so that people can enjoy from its back seat, it has attracted many more people who wish to drive an exquisite car. Indeed, it is an exquisite car.

9. Chevrolet Camaro (1969) Z28 RS

Chevrolet Camaro (1969) Z28 RS

This mark the last model of the Camaro’s first-generation. No such model existed before the mid-way of the century. It does not have fancy features nor is it among the cars that used the art deco phase. However, these cars represent the greatest pony cars in America during that period. It has stripes to signify its use as sports car. It’s slot-hidden and hood scoop headlights gave it a sneaky and aggressive look. In the fifth generation, a modern version of the retro adopted the design of this car.

8. Jaguar XK120 (1954)

Jaguar XK120 (1954)

You can’t imagine that the owner of Jaguar, William Lyons, created this car in an incredible two weeks’ time. It was among the most dramatic cars available at the time, and its top speed of 120mph backed up the attention that it drew. The owner originally intended the car to have a limited run, but the high demand from the public could not guarantee that. The car was also heavily used on the racetrack where it had a significant success.

7. Lamborghini Miura (1971) P400 SV

Lamborghini Miura (1971) P400 SV

Miura is the pre-cursor of all the V12 Lambos that you see everybody driving today. It was also the fastest mid-engine sports car craze in the world at that time. In fact, “SV”, which stand for Spinto Veloce, translate to “push faster”. It was exceptionally aerodynamic with its flattened, low-slung body.

6. Aston DB4GT (1960) Zagato

Aston DB4GT (1960) Zagato

The car was associated with the most famous spy in the world that made it to get into all the press. This is best of the best we can pick from Aston Martin’s amazing automobile. The DB4 Zagato 1960 combines the best Italian and British cars into this very exciting package.

5. Citroen DS (1955)

Citroen DS (1955)

People universally hail this car as one of the supreme pieces of automobile engineering and design of all time. At the time, only the French could afford it due to its weirdness and beauty. In fact, the beautiful upholstery, unique shape and extreme level of technology made it remain on demand for 20 years.

4. Auburn Boattail (1936) Speedster

Auburn Boattail (1936) Speedster

This is, without trouble, the most elegant sports car ever made in America. It has a sensual, smooth art deco lines. Test drivers and gangsters also made its reputation as they drove every car to above 100mph even on public highways.

Furthermore on this list of 10 amazing cars of all times

3. Mercedes-Benz (1955) 300SL Coupe


Gullwing doors are undoubtedly one of automotive design elements that attract the attention of many people. In many cars, they were added either by the designer or aftermarket additional kits with the flashy look as the sole purpose. However, they served an important purpose in the 300SL Coupe, the model that lead to their invention. They allowed the car to become a world-beating race and supercar by enabling additional backups to the chassis near its bottom.

2. Delahaye 165 (1938) Roadster

Delahaye 165 (1938) Roadster

Figoni and Falaschi had the loyalty in the automotive art deco after working extensively to produce several models such as Rolls-Royce, Bugatti, Talbot Lago, Delage and Delahaye. We pick the Delahaye 165 (1938) Roadster as the most fabulous design among the Figoni and Falaschi’s hundreds of unique designs because of its incredible art deco stable-mates.

1. Jaguar E-type (1961)

Jaguar E-type (1961)

The car is one of the most beautiful designs ever made. Enzo Ferrari has dramatically proportioned it such that its beauty makes it appear almost natural. Besides, many people suggest it looks amazingly like a penis. Optimistically, the ladies like it.