When it comes to cars that are considered luxurious and packed with massive amounts of torque, the list is never complete without a mention of Bentley. Everyone knows that Bentley is one of the most powerful, reliable and comfortable prestigious cars on the market today. That’s why you will always see a Bentley car in hip hop music videos, celebrity shows, and even Hollywood movies.

A Brief History of Bentley

Bentley Car

Bently has its Headquarter situated in Crewe, Cheshire, United Kingdom, Bentley Motors Limited, normally referred to as ”Bentley” is a British automaker founded by brothers W. O. Bentley and H. M. Bentley in 1919.In 1921, the first model dubbed, ”the rapid 3-litre Bentley” stirred up a lot of excitement among luxury cars enthusiasts around the globe, thanks to its super-powerful engine at that time.

Inspired by speed, the company’s first products were high-performance open cars that instantly indicated themselves as winners. These super-powerful automobiles were fitted with fancy coachwork bodies to attract wealthy buyers. However, 12 years down the line, financial difficulties triggered the brand’s sale to Rolls-Royce. In the decades to follow, the Bentley brand would slowly slid into anonymity with cars that were little more than rebadged Rolls-Royce cars.

In 1998 Volkswagen acquired Bentley and begun to restore the former glory of these handcrafted high-end luxury cars. Since then, Bentley has enlarged its model range. Today’s models are true to qualities Bentley has been known with for years, with all models benefiting from elegantly finished cabins and impressively powerful engines, which includes a turbocharged 12-cylinder engine that generates a massive amount of torque

Today Bentley has more than 3,500 employees globally with a production output of about 7,600 units as well as a net income of over €7 million.

A Brief History of the Bentley Symbol

Bentley Logo

Recognizing a Bentley is easy, thanks to its popular symbol/logo. If you are obsessed with Bentley cars, chances are the first thing you are eager to learn is how designers came up with the Bentley logo, symbolizing Bentley’s never-ending dominance. Here is what you need to know;

Just like most automakers during early 1920s, Bentley was initially building aircraft engines for World War I. So naturally they had to come up with something featuring stylized wings as the most basic aspect of their logo. That is how the logo came up. The funny thing is that the coloration used, would vary depending on the exact model of the car. The logo comprises of 3 primary colors; white, black, as well as silver.

While the black color was perceived as a symbol of excellence and elegance of the company, the white color was deemed to represent purity as well as charm. The silver hue, on the other hand, depicted sophistication, creativity as well as perfection of Bentley’s cars. These hues are still used today and they have retained their initial symbolism.

More Explanation About The Bentley Symbol

Bentley logo is quite elementary; it is basically made up of 2 wings with letter “B” in between. With the letter ‘B’ representing  the word ‘Bentley’, this logo has never being through any major change ever since the company was set up. What designers have done is to simply tweak it a little bit to make it look more attractive and in line with the company’s reputation.

The 2 wings around the letter B symbolize speed and power since Bentley has been known for building cars with these 2 amazing qualities. The company has retained the better part of its original logo, it has never done away with the classic appearance and still there is a specific feel of sophistication which has made Bentley symbol a household name. Whether it is approaching or heading away, you will never miss to recognize the majestic Bentley symbol that represents power, speed and sophistication.


The Bentley symbol/logo is an artistic creation, a symbol of ecstasy, class, majesty and success. The company has almost 10 decades of experience as well as successful management. It has successfully maintained its global reputation for building prestigious and luxurious cars ever since getting acquired by Volkswagen. As you can see from the above brief history of the Bentley symbol, the symbol is nothing short of legendary; a letter “B” in the middle with 2 wings. In as much as there have been a few modifications on the Bentley logo, significant changes have never been made. The company relies on its classic car logo, which represents speed, power and class. Bentley cars are known to be among the most reliable high end luxury cars in the market today.