Every car enthusiast tries to improve the overall performance of the car and outdo their rivals. Modding your car makes you look cool and ultimately to be faster than the rest. Whereas supercars are not cheap, one can get the supercar experience by adding just the right mods to their standard factory car. But where do you start, when it comes to adding mods to your car. Here are 10 amazing ricer car mods that will make you go crazy.


A turbocharger increases the engine internal combustion efficiency and the power output by supplying more air into the combustion chamber. Naturally, aspirated engines take longer to accelerate compared to turbocharged engines. As a ricer, your car should be fast, and by adding a turbocharger in the engine you will certainly increase your car’s boost. Turbochargers are readily available in many automobile shops and can be used in diesel engines too. Turbochargers are quite expensive but they improve the overall performance of the car.



Dump Valve

Dump valves also known as blowoff valves. They give your car that cool hissing sound. Dump valves release excess air pressure from the engine’s intake. The dump valve gives your car that hissing sound as it dumps the excess air from the combustion intake. Different dump valves produce distinctive hissing sound and will make your car’s engine sound awesome.



Decals make the car look fantastic. A custom paint job just doesn’t cut in giving your car that unique look. There are tons of decals available for purchase online. You can also create custom decals if you want your car to have a signature look. Be careful not to overdo it by adding too many decals. Placing decals on the driver’s door will make you look cool. Your car model will dictate the decals that you should get if you are looking for model specific decals. An example of car specific decal –


Body kit

Body kits increase your car’s aerodynamics. At high speeds wind resistance increases drag which affects fuel consumption and reduces speed. Body kits give the car an edge when it comes to high speeds, one must look for a body kit that makes the car more aerodynamic. Apart from increasing performance, body kits also improve the cars appearance. Having that sporty look will leave an impression on the other drivers. Body kits are readily available in online stores. If you cannot find one for your car you can opt to design a custom kit using carbon fiber. Airflow is vital when designing a custom body kit.



Spoilers help in increasing the car’s downforce. At high speeds, the car will experience lift which reduces traction on the wheels. To increase grip on the road, cars are fitted with spoilers. The rear wing is fitted in such a way that it pushes the car down. Spoilers are meant for rear wheel drive cars as it increases the grip of the rear tires. An optimized spoiler will have minimal drag thus improving the car’s performance. Spoilers give cars that sporty look and you will definitely stand out.


Brembo brakes
A fast car needs all the stopping power it can get and Brembo brakes are just what you need. Brembo is an Italian company that produces high-performance brakes. As a racer, one should install good brakes which give them a quick reaction time. Brembo brakes are still efficient even after heating up. Racers will engage in events involving tons of cornering which include drifting and your brakes should still function while hot. Brembo brakes will give you that edge when it comes to increasing the car’s stopping power.


Low profile tires

Low profile tires increase the stability of the car and its cornering capability. Low profile tires have the characteristics of a short sidewall and wide tread. They also give the car a better look compared to factory fitted tires. When shopping for a low profile look for a run-flat tire which saves you from damaging the car’s suspension in the event of a flat.


Custom rims

Good tires must be accompanied by a great looking rims. Stock rims aren’t all that appealing and aftermarket rims are the way to go. There are many manufacturers producing custom rims and you can look for rims that will make your car look sleeker. The design of the rim can greatly affect the overall look of the car.


Bucket seats

While driving at high speeds, the driver must feel comfortable and shouldn’t sway while cornering, this is where buckets seats come in. Bucket seats have more grip of the driver’s body as they take hard corners. Bucket seats are also easily available and prevent spinal injury by helping the body accommodate high G-forces.


Aftermarket exhaust systems

Last on this list of Amazing Ricer Car Mods is the aft exhaust systems increase the car’s horsepower and gives it a distinctive purr. Loud aftermath exhausts system. Exhausts are a ricer favorite since they make the car rumble better at high revs. If you have added mods on the engine then a custom exhaust will bring out the best out of that engine. A good exhaust system will make you fall in love with your ride.