This Is No More A Fiction, Flying Cars Are Here At Last

Science Fiction books and short stories are replete with descriptions of land travelling vehicles which double as flight vehicles. Amphibious vehicles have been actively used in the military for a significant period of time. Somehow, the idea of a flying car sets the mind ablaze and awakens the yearning, excited child in all of us. It is this yearning child’s imagination trapped inside which has led to countless innovations in science and engineering.

Some scientifically valid attempts have been made to produce cars which can also fly and these attempts have failed for various reasons, only to become displays at various museums. Now flying cars are here at last! You read this correctly. Despite all the scientific doubt and the outrageous slings and arrows of misfortune, a genuinely functional flying car is operating on this planet. We probably have not heard much about it based on the fact that most attentions spans are more focused on weight loss diets and pharmaceuticals to solve life’s problems. We are taught, as a means of survival to discard “impossible” notions so we can focus on reality and become successful in life. Perhaps if more of us had followed our dreams, we would not be in the mess we are in today.

The reality of our situation, commonly known as, “the human condition,” is we collectively deny real progress in favor of bloating what we already have to the point of mass madness on holiday shopping discounts rather than looking toward the future in which our children will live. It is worth considering this as we sit in lengthy traffic jams breathing toxic vapors. Innovation is only possible when we truly pursue the impossible. Since certain individuals have utilized science, math, and physics to render impossibility as possibility, flying cars are here at last.

After all, it was the pursuit of the “horseless carriage” which improved innovation to a degree when an amazing thing happened: This dream became a reality. In a matter of years, there were cars all over the place, at least for the wealthy. In a matter of decades, various styles of cars were in virtually every garage and driveway across the globe. All of this happened because some people had the bravado to ignore the naysayers and actually make cars then improve upon the models in such a manner that now offers us a ridiculous variety of the things. Now the impossible has happened again for the very same reason and flying cars have become reality.

Flying Cars Are Here At Last

People are virtually lining up to purchase Terrafugia’s TF-X flying car. When you see this machine in operation, even by video, you cannot help but be amazed and feel that brilliant childhood imagination buried deep inside shed a tear as you think, “I could have done that.” It is this quiet sense of regret which wakes us up to recognize the fact we have learned to consistently ignore and quell our dreams and visions and follow the rest of the cattle into rows for slaughter. What could have been literally dies when we do. This is, unfortunately, a reality.

The idea of a flying car has long been considered an idiot’s notion, a dream resulting from some sort of latent psychosis. It simply is neither of these things. Again, several close attempts have almost come to fulfilment and they most likely will soon. However, the Terrafugia Corporation, founded by Dr. Carl Dietrich et al, engineered the first functional flying car, the TF-X. Flying cars are real and the TF-X is the leader of many more to come. This is a truly spectacular vehicle in every sense. It is plugged in to charge. It drives like any other car. Then, battery-powered tilt-rotor blades lift the flying car vertically off the ground.

What happens next is the stuff of science fiction. When the TF-X reaches sufficient altitude, as the spinning rotor blades hold it aloft, the 300HP engine powers thrust through a ducted fan and the flying car is jolted forward at high speeds, recharging the batteries and sending the TF-X into flight at speeds up to 200 mph. It can cruise at this speed for up to 500 miles, at which point it must land for refueling so it may continue to fly. It is truly amazing how our notion of the impossible has created real, thriving possibility and flying cars are here at last.