For many years, Nissan have maintained their high quality and style. They have never compromised on building quality, including when a vehicle model brings only a little profit to them. Possibly, this is why you want to know more about their latest car models in the market. They are always updating their models so that they can cope with the high competition in the vehicle industry. As a result, they make their vehicles more comfortable and classy by including entertaining kits and other advanced features. The following are  five of the top Nissan latest car models currently in the market.

A List Of Latest Nissan Car Models And Specifications

1. Nissan GT-R 2015 Model

Nissan GT-R 2015 Model 1

This is an update of the Nissan’s twin turbo supercar. During the update, Nissan focused on improving many features to make the GT a more comfortable beast. The Nissan GT-R has improved tyres which improve the comfort and the revised damper rates help in cornering and maintaining stability in rough roads.

The manufacturer also focused on reducing the noise from the vehicle’s brakes and minimizing the vibrations through its steering wheel and anywhere else. They didn’t change the MY15 Godzilla in any other way and it carries over its 404KW/628Nm 3.8 litter V6 and retained its 2.7 second 0-100km/hr acceleration capability. This vehicle is hooked up to six speed dual clutch transmission and has a sophisticated all wheel drive system.

2. The Nissan Navara

The Nissan Navara 1

This is among the most important vehicles Nissan launched in the year 2015 and most people around the world liked it. The vehicle replaced the D40 and the ancient Navara models. It is available in the market in three different cab styles, in rear and four-wheel-drive and comes with a choice of three different engines. The diesel option of the Nissan Navara (both the 2.3 litter four cylinder units) feature an 118KW/403Nm single turbo and 140kW/450Nm twin turbo.

The twin turbo engine has an output of 30kW and 100Nm which is a reduction compared with that of the old 3.0 liter V6 Navara. Nissan claimed that the peak torque of this vehicle is about  1500rpm – up to 500rpm and the fuel usage reduced by almost 20%. Nissan also offers an 118KW/231Nm 2.5 litter petrol engine in select 4×2 variants. The model has an increased towing capacity of 3.5 tons. It is also a quiet vehicle.

3. Nissan Pulsar SSS sedan

Nissan Pulsar SSS sedan 1

The Nissan Pulsar SSS Sedan entered the market earlier in 2015 around the month of April. A turbocharged 140KW/240Nm 1.6 liter four cylinder petrol engine powers this sporty SSS sedan. The Juke compact crossover also comes with this engine. The vehicle has many enhanced exterior features and equipment levels. Nissan prices the Pulsar SSS from around $30,000 before the on road costs. The vehicle wears a price tag slightly above that of the SSS hatchback which costs around $29,790 with six speed manual transmission and around $32,390 with automatic continuously variable transmission.

Latest Nissan Car Models With There Specs

4. The Nissan Micra 2015 update

The Nissan Micra 2015 update

Nissan released the Micra update in the year 2013. The vehicle has more angular headlights, reshaped bumper, V-shaped chrome grille including a LED tail lights and also a foglight housing. The cabin of this vehicle benefits from a sharper looking center stack which has square air vents and newer air conditioning controls. Moreover, it comes with fresh trim materials and colors and new cluster graphics. The Nissan Micra has 56kW/100Nm 1.2 liter three cylinder engine. It has a market price tag of $14,000.

5. Nissan Juke Update

Nissan updated the inside, outside and under the bonnet of Nissan Juke to come up with the 2015 update. The vehicle isn’t much polarizing than the previous model. Its exterior has new boomerang shaped upper headlights that has LED daytime running lights, restyled bumpers, a slimmer grille and fresher tail lights. Following the update, the vehicle has a 5.8 inch touch screen on its cabin. The manufacturer also redesigned the boot and what they have now is larger in the front wheel drive variants with about 40% – now 354 liters. Nissan also replaced the old 1.6 liter with an 85kW/190Nm 1.2 liter four cylinder turbo petrol engine in this entry model. They also tinkered the larger turbo for better bottom end performance.

Since 1933, Nissan has been producing quality car models which include the Nissan SUV models, Sports cars, and truck models. Their vehicles are more reliable and come at an affordable price. Following the regular updates on their car models, you can now easily get a vehicle that will match your tastes and provide you with the comfort you need.