It is surely mind-boggling for you, seeing all those middle-aged men in Hawaiian shirts, sporting big watches as they stupidly bid on muscle cars on television. Myriads of cable channels air these types of collector car auctions lately and most of the featured cars are actually crappy models being swapped only among farm workers decades ago and take note, only for a few tens of dollars but they are eventually priced now up to five figures!

In this article, we have compiled 10 of the most solid, drivable and interesting cars that will more or less qualify as classic muscle cars. What’s good about this is you will actually get the value for your every penny and not get ripped off!

Take note: The prices mentioned below are all from the Classic Car Guide of NADA and the values have been set to the models that have been well maintained. You could find models of the cars mentioned below at a much lower price.

A list Of Cute but Cheap classic muscle cars

10. The 1970-1971 Mercury Cyclone GT and Ford Torino GT

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Ford has redesigned their mid-sized cars by the year 1970 which made America fell out of love with their brand instantly. This could be because Ford kept on campaigning its long-nose 1969 Ford Talladega in NASCAR.

The previous Cyclones and Torinos that have been created on the exact mid-size chassis have lesser finesse when it comes with the interiors than the 1970 and 71 models. Almost all of the Cyclone GT and 1970 Torino GTs have 250-hp 5.8 liter or 351-cubic-inch V-8. The Cobra and Spoiler models of Torino and Cyclone GT are usually powered by Super Cobra Jet 429 V-8 rated and at 360 horsepower.

Values: Torino GT, $15,900; Cyclone GT, $18,400


9. The 1973-75 Pontiac Grand Am and 1973 Pontiac GTO

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The squishy-nosed Grand Am is more popular and more interesting than the Pontiac GTO because it has been made available as a sedan or coupe. But like the Pontiac GTO, it has been built with a 400 and 250-horse 455.

Values: GTO, $20,800; Grand Am, $16,600


8. The 1971 AMC, Hornet SC/360

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AMC has produced only 784 models of this muscled-up version of the Hornet compact. The earlier models of Rebel Machine and SC/Rambler are prominent among collectors and the AMXs and Javelins are the flamboyant ones but the Hornet SC/360 is the rarest muscle car of AMC.

Value: $31,400

7. The 1971–75 Ford, Maverick Grabber

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The Grabber is simple and good-looking for a muscle car and the Brazilians swear by the quality of this version. It is a two-barrel 4.9 liter V-8.

Value: $10,200

6. The 74–’76 Dodge, Dart Sport 360

The 74–’76 Dodge, Dart Sport 360

The Dodge Dart Sport has been known as America’s fastest sedan as well as being most innocuous as it blends into the traffic just like a lane divider.
Value: $8,500

5. 1979 Pontiac, Firebird Formula WS6 400

1979 Pontiac, Firebird Formula WS6 400

In 1979, there were only not more than 25,000 of these Formulas made and only a small number of it were WS6 and 400. The WS6 has brought with it the glorious snowflake alloy wheels and four wheel disc brakes.

Value: $16,600

4. 1985–90 Chevrolet Luxury Car, Camaro IROC-Z and Pontiac Car, Firebird Trans Am

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The generation that has been brought up with icons from the 1980s New Jersey T-top-havin’ are now entering the market of car collecting and the objects that they have been lusting at their teenage years have remained fairly affordable.

Values: IROC-Z, $9050; Firebird Trans Am, $8650

More Cheap Classic Muscle Cars

3. 1989, Pontiac 20th Anniversary Trans Am

1989, Pontiac 20th Anniversary Trans Am

The turbocharged Anniversary Trans Am is but the quickest from 0- to 60- sprinter that is made available in any of the US production cars showroom, and at any price. It has a top speed of 153 mph.

The Anniversary Trams Am was only built with 1500 models making them special muscle cars. They all come with Buick’s turbocharged 250 hp and 3.8 liter V-6.

Value: $23,800

2. 1993 Ford, SVT Mustang Cobra

This is actually one of the best 5.0 liters Mustang has ever built. The Cobra was one of the first cars that came out of the Special Vehicle Team of Ford. It has a suspension that is specially tuned and 17 inch wheels. Only less than 5000 of these were made and another 107 were created for the “R” series which is the pricier type of Cobra.

Value: $12,550

1. 1994–96 Chevrolet, Impala SS


The Impala is actually so big that it can be utilized as a banquet hall. It is surprisingly nimble, comfortable, great looking and engineered just like a girder bridge. The SS is somehow too new for it to be considered as a classic when it comes with pricing but there are already people out there who are hoarding the prime examples.

Value: $13,450