Cars come in different rust resistant types depending on a lot of factors including the immediate cost and coating of the cars involved. Before a customer goes out to buy and invest in such a significant item as a car, it might be prudent to have an idea of some of the worst rust resistant cars in the market. This will allow customers to either totally boycott the cars completely or invest in quality rust proofing for their cars. The most conclusive evidence comes from the Automobile Protection Association which gathers the relevant data and tabulates it. The worst rust resistant cars have been ranked as follows;

These Are Some Of The Worst Cars That Rust

1. The Mazda has been named the worst rust resistant car in the market. The Automobile Protection Association is flawless in its investigations and as such the data they provide after their research means that they know exactly what they are talking about. The Mazda Tribute, 5 and 3 have been found to have the worst resistance of all cars and one should be well advised before buying one.

2. Jeep. Surprisingly the Jeep comes in second in the worst rust resistant cars list, the rust that gathers up on this vehicle over a shorter period of time than the average car is very substantial and this is not catered to in the factory. The TJ and Wrangler series of the Jeep have been identified as having very weak resistance to rust. Any alterations of any sort to the coats of this car have to be done by the owner and might involve quite the additional expense.

3. The third car on this very interesting list is the Ford including the Explorer, the Focus and Escape series that have been individually pin pointed as the worst rust resistant amongst the Ford host of cars. Depending on the climate of the location of the residence of the client, the quality of the coating can deteriorate very fast.

4. Next in line is the Saturn and specifically the Vue and Relay type in that order. During the Saturn production they apply absolutely no rust protection during the production of the car and as such the user has to make the necessary provisions so that their car can last longer in good shape. The protection to the coat of the car is absolutely non existent.

5. The Rendez-vous and Terraza series of the Buick are also named in this list, they come right smack in the middle of this list. Again, this is another type where the rust resistance merits personal intervention by the user as soon as it is purchased to ensure that the degradation of the original coat does not go too far before it is dealt with.

6. The tide starts changing a bit further down this list because from the Suzuki downwards, the rust resistance is not great at all but it is acceptable for a period of time and it does not degrade as fast. The weak resistance to rust is still present though and more so in the Swift and XL7 series of the Suzuki.

7. After the Suzuki, the resistance increases by very small margins but still the change is negligible compared to the very best rust resistant cars out there. The Nissan is next on the list and at least they have a semblance of rust resistance but the onus still falls upon the owner to get a new rust resistant coat for longer sustainability of their car. The Altima, Sentra and Maxima have been pin pointed.

8. The GM specifically the Terrain comes pretty low in this list and the rust resistance has been termed as low to average which is passable and probably not many people mind. It is not the most durable but it gets by.

9. The Pontiac Wave, Torrent, Montana and G5 are the least rust resistant in this series though classified as average rust resistant.

Last On this List Of Top 10 Cars That rust

10. The last vehicle in this series is the Chevrolet. The Chevrolet is well loved but the makes pointed out are the; Aveo, Equinox and Cobalt. The resistance to rust is not too bad and not too much rust coating needs to be invested in by the owner.

So the next time you go out shopping for a new car be keen on what make you are planning to buy, and therefore use this information to your own advantage so as to avoid unwanted costs that come with the rusting of vehicles.