There’s no doubt, China’s car industry is alive and kicking. Recent statistics show that China is actually the world’s largest car market with up to 21 million passenger cars changing hands every year. Behind this meteoritic growth is a story of Chinese car models that are gaining recognition across the world. Although the country’s car manufacturers are yet to snatch a significant chunk of the larger global market, it’s clear that their innovation is causing a major disruption in the otherwise competitive auto industry. Here are 10 Chinese cars we are proud of – cars that could easily take over the world if given a chance.

10.Cherry Arrizo 5

Launched in March 2016, this car has exceeded cumulative sales of 60,000 units, which ranks it as the best seller of Chinese sedans. One of the most interesting things about this model is that it carries a Cloudrive 2.0 entertainment system, which integrates trendy functions such as electric sunroof and leather multifunctional steering.



Front wheel drive traction

1499 CC displacement

Max speed 185 km/h

9.Greatwall C30 Sedan

Powered by a 122hp electric motor, this Chinese car has more power than most petrol engines available around (this is quite rare because electric motors tend to be weaker than petrol engines). The sedan has two battery packs available, one lasting for 200 kilometers and the other one going as far as 260 kilometers. One with a petrol engine is also available with a 1.5 L engine that does 103hp torque.



Max speed 183 km/h

1497 CC displacement

Front wheel drive traction

8.Geely Beauty Leopard

We have come across our fair share of fake Ferrari Enzos, but this kid stands out for its authenticity and uniqueness considering that it is 100% Chinese-made. Popularly known as the Beauty Leopard, this was China’s first home-market sports car.



Max speed 180Km/h

1498 CC Displacement

Front wheel drive

7.Brilliance BS6

Forget about its infamous one-star crash test video, Brilliance BS6 has since been modified and it ranks at the very top of 10 Chinese cars we are proud of. The beauty about this car is that it borrows a lot from German technology and to some extent it resembles a BMW (although its exterior doesn’t hint at that relationship).



Max speed 190 Km/hr

1997 CC Displacement

Front wheel drive

6.Greatwall M4

The M4 boasts a great outlook with its side profile closely resembling that of Hyundai Matrix. The interior is neat and simple. It has a digital speedometer which lights up beautifully. Besides that, it has an automated clutch activated by a robotic arm.



1497 CC Displacement

Front wheel drive

Max speed 180 Km/hr

5.Xialong XL2060L Civilian Hummer-size Car

This monstrous Chinese car closely resembles the Hummer although a closer look at it reveals that indeed it has its own unique character. It is bigger than a H1 Hummer as it spans 17 feet long weighing a whopping 7,937 lbs. Its fuel consumption stands at 5 Kilometers per liter.



Max speed 115 Km/Hr

3.2 CC Displacement diesel engine

All-wheel drive

4.Roewe 950

Riding in limo-like luxury is the name of the game in the global car scene and China’s Roewe 950 looks all set to deliver that. It is certainly very roomy inside with slightly more rear legroom than available in Lexus or Infinit. The boot is quite spacious too.



Front wheel drive traction

Max speed 215 Km/hr

2400 CC Displacement

3.BYD F6

This is a mid-sized Sedan looks like a distant cousin of Lexus LS, Honda Accord (7th generation) or Mercedes Benz S-Class. Grabbing the best bits from each one of these, one would say the popular Chinese manufacturer has a winner on its hands. Whichever way you look at it, this car offers good value for money.



Max speed 200 Km/Hr

Front wheel drive traction

2378 CC Displacement

2.Lifan X60

The X60 is the first SUV from Lifan Motors and it truly stands out due to its fashionable and dynamic look. It offers both a sedan’s comfort and incredible off-road performance. In terms of quality and technology, the X60 surpasses most recreational SUVs made by Western car makers.



Maximum speed 170 Km/hr

1800 CC Displacement

Front wheel drive

1.Hongqi L5

Also commonly referred to as China’s most expensive car, L5 is made by the oldest car manufacturer in China. Paying respect to its heritage, the L5’s design is retro-modern borrowing heavily from the majestic Hongqi CA770 limouside. The giant measures 5.55 meters long and is about 2 meters wide.



200 Km/Hr Max speed

Front engine, 4WD

5985 CC Displacement

Final Word

Clearly, China’s car manufacturing industry is thriving and if our list of 10 Chinese cars we are proud of is anything to go by, then the future looks bright for this Asian dragon.