When a person is looking to buy a reliable car, there are many standards that are considered. The car must be dependable when driving on the road as well as safe for the passengers of the car. The overall reliability when these two are combined will give a good riding experience while also not spending more time in a shop than on the road.

A List Of The Most Reliable Cars On The Road

1. The Toyota Fit is a car that is extremely reliable while also being good on gas mileage. And as an added benefit, there is a rear-view camera included to help increase the safety that is already impressive on this model. The car is also surprisingly roomy for a car that has all the appearances of being on the smaller side.

2. Like the Fit, the Honda Civic also comes equipped with a rear-view camera. This car has amazing handling and the transmission is very smooth and dependable. For a family car, there is not a lot out there that is much better. It is also another vehicle that is roomy enough for everyone to fit comfortably in the car whether they are in the front or back seat.

3. The next car is another Toyota. The Toyota Camry is very well thought of when it comes to reliability. The reliability of this and most other Toyota vehicles is thought to be because when Toyota creates new technology to be used in their vehicles, they test the technology very thoroughly. They will not put the new technology into their vehicle without being sure that it is safe and ready for the consumer to use.

4. The Buick LaCrosse is a startling addition to any reliable car list. The Buick has taken to reinventing their line and they did a great job with the security features on the LaCrosse. It comes equipped with a lane departure warning and a blind spot monitor. These safety features are very appealing to those who do a lot of traveling, particularly on interstates or other busy roadways.

5. Perhaps less surprising is the Kia Sportage. The Kia line is well liked by those who are looking for reliability and durability. One of the best features that is mentioned several times is the vehicle’s braking abilities which are reported to be among the best. Many other people mention how easy it is to navigate the controls on this popular SUV.

6. Another popular SUV for reliability is the Buick Enclave. This SUV has a third row which is enticing to many of the larger families while also being very safe. Buick has done a great job of increasing the dependability of all of its vehicles and the Enclave is no exception.

7. For a reliable car from the higher end of things, there is the Mercedes-Benz E-class. While this car is reliable for a large number of reasons, it has safety features that put it well above many of its competition. Among its safety features is a forward collision warning as well as an alert that activates if the driver starts to get drowsy. But the Mercedes-Benz is not all about safety and boasts a very comfortable experience and a smooth ride.

8. But for a lower end car that delivers comfort while being extremely reliable, the Toyota Corolla is an excellent choice. Many people will choose this car because of the reports that state that this car is not often taken into a garage for things beyond the typical maintenance. This makes the car highly attractive to those who do not have the time or the money to be making the constant trips to their local mechanic.

9. For a newer car that still is dependable, many people will turn to the Scion xB wagon. It looks very modern while still being safe like most families depend on and relatively maintenance free. As with all newer vehicles, it has some safety features that are as appealing as the overall appearance of the vehicle.

10. And finally, another car that manages to look amazing while being reliable for the driver is the Lexus ES 350. This particular car received some of the highest ratings from those who have driven this car for an extended period of time.
Whatever reason you have for looking into reliable vehicles, there is a large selection out there. They can come in high end vehicles as well as some of the lower end and be as nice as you could want any vehicle to be.