Carol Marlow

The most well-known performance of American actor, director, and producer Tony Dow is that of Wally Cleaver on the hit television program “Leave It to Beaver.” Throughout the course of his more than six decades in the entertainment business, Dow has been married twice. In this blog post, we’ll go over all you need to know about his first wife, Carol Marlow.

Who is Carol Marlow?

In the 1940s, Carol Marlow was born in the US. From 1969 until 1981, she was married to Tony Dow. During their union, they produced a son called Christopher Dow. Marlow has generally avoided the spotlight since divorcing Dow, so little is known about her early years or professional life.

What kind of bond did Marlow share with Tony Dow?

Carol Marlow

In their twelve years of marriage, Marlow and Dow appeared to be content and steady with one another. Both of them were performers, and they shared screen time in a number of films and television programs. Nonetheless, the couple made their divorce announcement in 1981.

Marlow and Dow have been coy about the facts of their divorce, making it unclear why it occurred. Yet Dow has intimated in interviews that their demanding jobs and the demands of celebrity could have led to the dissolution of their union.

What has Marlow been doing since she and Dow got divorced?

Marlow mostly retreated from the public eye after her divorce from Dow. She chose not to pursue an acting or entertainment career, and it is unclear what she has been doing to since her breakup with Dow.

Marlow, meanwhile, has gained notoriety recently as a result of her role in a legal dispute with Dow over the rights to “Leave It to Beaver.” Marlow sued Dow in 2011 on the grounds that she was due a cut of the revenue from the show’s merchandise and syndication partnerships. The final resolution of the dispute occurred outside of court, and its details have not been disclosed.

Where Is Tony Dow’s Ex-Wife Carol Marlow?

There have been rumors that Marlow left the entertainment business to become a teacher. It has been said that she entered the teaching profession and spent time in many California classrooms.

As far as can be gathered from other sources, Marlow has kept a low profile and prioritized spending time with her loved ones. Perhaps she values her solitude and quiet and has made the decision to avoid the spotlight.

Even if we don’t know where or what Marlow is doing now, her influence on the people who knew her is undeniable. Many “Leave It to Beaver” viewers will always remember her as Dow’s wife, and she played a pivotal part in his life.

In sum, it is unclear what became to Carol Marlow following her divorce from Tony Dow, but she undoubtedly left an indelible mark on everyone who crossed her path. A few instances of the sort of person she was and still is are her passion to education and her commitment to leading a peaceful and private life.

Carol Marlow – Present Spouse and Family

While information on Tony Dow’s marriage following his 1980 divorce is known, no comparable information exists for Carol Marlow.

As nothing is known about her present family life, it is impossible to discuss her spouse or new family.

Although there is no mention of a new family for her, it is not even known that she remarried following her divorce, and there are no records indicating whether or not Marlow remarried.


Carol Marlow may not be well-known, but thanks to her friendship with Tony Dow and her role in the “Leave It to Beaver” legal dispute, she has gained the interest of both “Leave It to Beaver” fans and others who follow celebrities. Despite her relative anonymity, Marlow’s tale serves as a reminder of the numerous people who work in the background to make our favorite television programs and films.