Cars are a fascination and dream property of everyone. Owning your own car is one of the exciting sensations of freedom. However, it goes way beyond that. People are attracted to different types of cars, some making their choices due to features such as engine performance, interior, exterior, safety and entertainment, while others opting for pricey expensive options. The general assumption is that expensive cars are much better than those on the lower side of price. Although this is quite close to the truth (most expensive cars are better) it is not always the case. Nonetheless, the most expensive cars often depict incredible features and characteristics. Each year, a new most expensive car is designed and produced kicking former holders of the title. Here is a brief description of three of the most expensive production car 2016 lists. These are the top highest priced cars you will find this year but they are not necessarily 2016 models.

3. Ferrari 275 (GBT)

Ferrari 275 (GBT)

This is one of the oldest cars still in the market and it recently sold for the third highest car price in the whole world. The Ferrari 275 GBT was designed and modeled back in 1967 and the N.A.R.T spider was sold a year ago for a staggering $27.5 million. It was thoughtful that its price was kept close to the car’s name. Ferrari has always produced state of the art cars and automobiles for years and have three entries into the top 5 costliest cars in the world market. Only ten 275 GBTs were ever produced for an exclusive dealer which makes it one of the rarest models you will come across. At such a rarity, it is quite clear to understand the expensive price tag that comes along with this beauty.

2. Mercedes Benz W196

Mercedes Benz W196

Just like Ferrari, Mercedes Benz is one of the most reputed high-end automobile brands in the world and their cars are top class. The W196 for instance still holds the position for being the world’s second most expensive car in the market in 2016. This car has a dense history than most other expensive cars. It is a 1954 grand prix race car that recorded a total of 9 wins in 12 entries it was enrolled to race making it one of, if not the most important automotives in the history of production cars. It was sold in July 2013 for a record of $29.6 million at a car auction. It has been exchanged ten times only and the price is incredibly the second costliest a car has ever been paid for. Ironically, several modern models arguably have better, more powerful features and comfort yet cost much lower.

1. Ferrari 250 GTO (1996)

Ferrari 250 GTO (1996)

The 1962 Ferrari 250-GTO is by far the world’s most expensive cars in 2016 as no other car has ever been sold beyond its $38 million price tag covered at the Bogham’s lodge auction. One exciting thing about special edition cars like 250 GTO is that they are the luxury cars Holy Grail. Collectors keep hunting such cars down with an ultimate goal of outbidding each other from year to year. It is much likely that it will hit a new height by the end of the year. The GTOs were spectacular back then and are more than pieces of metals, they are historic. These cars were dominant races back in the 60s and the particular one was 2nd in the 1962 Tour de France. There are rumors that the car was auctioned for over 50 million dollars a few months ago but these are yet to be confirmed. Without a doubt, it is definitely one of the most spectacular cars that has cut a notable niche in the world.

Recent models

Due to advanced technology, it has become easier to produce cars that exhibit incomparable features, benefits, beauty and performance. However, most of these modern models never break the $10 million boundary since there isn’t much to account for the high price. Cars like Lamborghini Veneno – $4.5M, Koenigsegg (CCXR-Trevita) – $4.8M and Maybach Exelero – $8M are some of the most expensive new models most youths would identify with. They exhibit state of art craftsmanship and engineering only lacking the vital history that send heavyweights such as Mercedes and Ferrari to auctions each year. Nonetheless, they deserve another special list for most expensive production car 2016 recent models. These vehicles are often owned by the richest people like multi-million/billion enterprise founders, celebrities and icons.