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It will be very hard to talk about the personal life of the popular movie star Tom Hanks without mentioning his ex-wife Samantha Lewes who was also in the movie industry. It looks like Hanks has an eye for actresses, cos after they divorced, Tom Hanks married Rita who is also an actress. Samantha Lewes has two kids for Tom Hanks, a boy and a girl named Colins Hanks and Elizabeth Hanks, both are also in the movie industry. To get a deep understanding of the biography of Samantha Lewes and his life with Tom Hanks, pay good attention to this article, cause we are going to explain it in detail here.

About Samantha Lewes (Tom Hanks Ex-Wife)

Samantha Lewes was born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. John Raymond and Harriet Hall Dillingham, in California USA. Samantha Lived a very quiet and reserved life, hence her life was not such an open book for all to read. The little we know about her is that she had the best of education and that she entered the movie industry at a very tender age because of the strong passion she has for it. Left for Samantha Lewes, she didn’t like being in the spotlight, what really brought her to the spotlight was her marriage to Tom Hanks who is an Academy Award-winning actor. We are also aware that she featured in a few movies such as Bossom Buddies (1980), and Mr. Success(1984). But like we mentioned earlier, acting did not make her popular, it was her marriage to Tom Hanks that did.

About Samantha Lewes Ex-Husband (Tom Hanks), Their Love Story

Samantha Lewes
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Samantha Lewes Ex-husband Tom Jeffery Hanks is a very popular actor and film producer. He is well known for adding comic relief into most of the movies he featured in. He has won so many awards which include The Academy Award, The Prime Emmy Awards, to mention but a few, and so many nominations. Some of his outstanding movies are A league of their own, Saving Mr. Banks, Philadelphia, Forrest Gump, Catch Me If You Can, and so many others. Born and grew up in Concord, California, United States, to a Portuguese mum and an English Father. His love for acting led him to study theatre art at the  Chabot College located in Hayward, California, but later moved to California State University, Sacramento to complete the study. It was in California State University, Sacramento that the two met and started dating. Though Samantha was four years older than Tom, they had a smooth relationship, and in no time decided to seal their relationship with a marital vow in 1978 in a very small gathering. A year before their wedding, Samantha got pregnant and had their first child named Colin Hanks.

Reason For Their Divorce 

Tom Hanks and Samantha Lewes got married when Tom was 21 years old, Samantha was actually four years older than Tom Hanks, in the year 1978. It seems like, after the marriage, reality dawned on Tom that he married very early. At this age, he was struggling in his career, trying to find his feet, coupled with financial challenges. One would wonder why he didn’t think of all these before taking the bold step to get married. And to make matters worse they gave birth to their first child before marriage, and their second child (Elizabeth) barely four years after their wedding, that is in 1982. He opened up during an interview with a BBC that he regrets getting married at a very young age and subsequently giving birth at a very young age too.  I guess he felt that he wasn’t mentally, emotionally, and most importantly financially ready to run a family and to be a father, he didn’t see the challenges coming. He blamed it all on loneliness, that he was pushed into getting married at an early age cause of loneliness. However, he still thinks fatherhood was a sweet adventure, and that it feels good, though initially, it was very rough for him.

He admitted he was scared of taking up the responsibilities facing him as a father and a husband. The couple stayed married for only nine years before they separated.

The reasons Tom gave for the separation didn’t go don well with a lot of people. A lot of people believed he ended things with Lewes so he could be with Wilson ( Now his second wife). Even while he was still married to Samantha, one cant must denial the strong attraction between Hanks and Wilson, especially when they are on set.

How Samantha Lewes Died

After her separation from Tom Hanks, she stayed out of the public space, nothing much was heard about her again until she was diagnosed with bone cancer in 2001. Despite their separation, the news devastated her ex-husband (Tom Hanks), and he did everything humanly possible to make sure she gets well, which includes making sure that she gets attended to by one of the best specialists, and also giving her emotional support. Unfortunately, the sickness got worse as the cancer had already spread to other parts of her body, including her lungs. She finally died on the 12th of March 2002.

Samantha Lewes Net Worth Before Her Death

Ever thought about how much she was worth before she died. It’s obvious Samantha was amazing in her career and must have made a fortune.

Though she paid more attention to her family than her career, that did not in any way affect her wealth, cos it kept increasing. As at the time of her death, according to a reliable source, she was worth about $15 million, which she made both from her work and her share of the divorce settlement. It’s just a chunk of Tom Hanks net worth which was estimated at about $350 million.

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Does Samantha Lewes Have Children?

Having read all that we have written above about Samantha Lewes, won’t you want to know if she has children or not, and if she does, what are their names?

Samantha and Tom gave birth to two children, a son (Colin), and a daughter (Elizabeth). Colin became an actor like his father, while Elizabeth became an author. Colin is married with two daughters. He featured in movies such as Orange County, King Kong, and TV series “Fargo” etc.