Muscle cars are essentially high performance vehicles designed with powerful engines which facilitate high performance driving. They are usually sold at affordable prices to people who intend to use them on the streets and drag racing (occasionally).

Muscle cars are quite different from the two + two GTs and two seat sports automobiles which are normally used for road racing as well as high speed racing.

Most of them were manufactured (and are still being manufactured) in USA.

The following is a detailed review of 10 best old muscle cars you can still afford:

Fourth Generation Dodge Dart

These are old but muscular muscle car models that were manufactured between 1967 and 1976.

Buyers had (and still have) the liberty of choosing from the following engine options; 2.8 Litre Slant 6, 3.2 Liter Slant 6, 3.7 Liter Slant 6, 4.5 Liter LA -V8 and 5.2 Liter LA -V8, among others.

They were designed in five different body styles; four-door sedan, two- door sedan, two door hardtop, 2 door coupe and 2 door convertible.

Transmission was made possible with four- speed manual, three -speed manual or three speed –Torqueflite transmission systems.

They’re great muscle cars that were designed with the following dimensions; 196.2 inches, 71.6 inches and 54 inches (length, width and height respectively).

Seventh Generation Plymouth Fury

Seventh Generation Plymouth Fury

These old muscle car models were produced between 1975 and 1978 with three major body styles; four-door wagon, four-door sedan and two door coupe/ hardtop.

The Seventh Generation Plymouth Fury models were powered with either; 3.69L Slant 6, 6.6L B V8, 7.2L B V8, 5.9L LA V8 or 5.2L LA V8 engines.

The sedan and coupe had wheelbases of 117.5 and 115 inches respectively.

Seventh Generation Dodge Coronet

Seventh Generation Dodge Coronet

The 7th Generation Dodge Coronet models were manufactured between 1975 and 1976 at Highlands Park- Michigan (USA).

They were designed with three main body styles; four- door wagon (from 1975- 1976), four door sedan (from 1975 to 1976) and 2 door coupe/ hardtop (in 1975 only).

The power-train consisted of either ; 3.7L Slant 6, 5.2L LA, 5.9L LA- V8 , 6.6L RB-V8 and 7.2L RB-V8 engines as well as a standard three speed manual gearbox.

The wagon and sedan had wheelbases of 118 inches while the coupe had a wheelbase of 115 inches.

The wagon, coupe and sedan had lengths of 225.5, 213.8 and 217.9 inches, widths of 79.2, 77.4 and 77.7 inches and heights of 56.5, 52.6 and 53.9 inches respectively.

Seventh Generation Plymouth Belvedere

Seventh Generation Plymouth Belvedere

These models were manufactured between 1968 and 1970 with three main body styles, two door coupe, four door sedan and four door station-wagon.

They were designed with the following engine options; 4.5L V8, 6.3L V8, 5.2L V8, 5.6L V8 and 7.0L Hemi V8 engines.

All the 7th Generation Plymouth Belvedere models that were manufactured between those years had standard height, width, length and wheelbase of 54.7, 76.4, 202.7 and 116 inches (in that order).

Third Generation Chevrolet Chevelle


The 3rd Generation Chevrolet Chevelle models are/were also referred to as Chevrolet Chevelle Laguna/ Chevrolet Malibu. Their production occurred between 1972 and 1977.

Buyers had/have the option of choosing among three body types; two door coupe, four door sedan and four door station- wagon.

Engineers designed these old muscular cars with six different engine options; 4.1L Chevrolet I, 5.0L, 5.7L & 6.6L Small Block as well as 7.4L Big Block V engines. The powertrain also consisted of three-speed and four-speed manual transmission systems.

The Sedan was designed with a wheel base measuring 116 inches while the coupe was designed with a 112 inch wheel base.

Fourth Generation Oldsmobile 442

Fourth Generation Oldsmobile 442

These old strong cars were constructed between 1978 -1980 and assembled in Lansing the capital of Michigan, Framingham in Massachusetts, Arlington in Texas, Kansas City in Kansas, Freemont in California and Linden in New Jersey.

They were extremely popular because of the unique five door hatchback, A- body platforms and attractive FR layouts.

Engineers designed them with powerful and efficient powertrains that consisted of 3.8L V6, 4.3L V8 and 5.0L V8 engine options, as well as four-speed transmission systems.

1976 Ford Torino


For anyone thinking about buying one of these vintage 1976 Ford Torino, you will be glad to know that we have different models hence you have three main options to choose from; the two door hardtop and/or four door station –wagon.

They are powered with either a 5.8L Windsor -V8, 5.8L modified -V8, 6.6L 335 series-V8 or 7.5L 385 series -V8 engines, as well as three-speed manual transmission systems.

Still on the best old cars you can afford

Fifth Generation Chevrolet Chevy II

Fifth Generation Chevrolet Chevy II

These great muscular cars were manufactured by NUMWI in Freemont (California) between 1985 and 1988.

They had beautiful subcompact bodies and transverse front engine/ front wheel drive layouts.

The power-train consisted of 3 speed and 5 speed manual transmission systems as well as 1.6L 4A-C and 1.8L 4A-GE engines.

Dimensions were as follows; 52.8 in, 64.4 in, 166.3 in and 95.7 in (height, width, length and wheelbase respectively).

Chevrolet Chevy II models were succeeded by the Geo Prizm.

Third Generation Buick Regal

Third Generation Buick Regal



The production of these unique muscular cars officially commenced in 1994 and ended in 1999.

They were specially designed with two doors, front wheel drive/ transverse front engine layouts and W- body platforms.

Chevrolet Monte Carlo models were fitted with either 3.1L 31-V6, 3.4L LQ-DOHC V6 or 3.8L L3 V6 engines.

Dimensions were as follows; 53.8, 72.5, 200.7 and 107.5 inches (height, width, length and wheelbase respectively).