It’s often said that beauty is subjective. But does this apply to cars as well? There is no clear answer as to whether this is correct or wrong. All we know is that when we round up 10 people to vote independently for these cars, 7 out of 10 will say they don’t like the looks of the cars, even though performance might be well upbeat.

Sometimes it’s annoying for an auto manufacturer to put a high price tag on a car that doesn’t have good looks. It’s almost a crime to pay such a high price on a car that people will not appreciate. Unless you’re sacrificing good looks with performance, it’s often wise to go for looks and performance, all combined. Again, there’s no excuse why you should sacrifice one aspect over another in a world where variety reigns.

List Of Top 10 ugliest but most expensive cars Ever

1 The BMW X6

The BMW X6

For a long time now, BMW has produced some great models with great designs to marvel about. However, it seems like they’ve run out of ideas, hence enlisting the help of people who have no idea how to come up with a good Sports Activity Coupé. In fact, the person behind the design of the BMW X6 should be locked somewhere in the boot of a smart car.

This car takes a huge parking space and road as well. It also provides limited rear vision, which when you couple with looks and over-pricing, you end up calling it a mistake.

2 Mini Metro

Mini Metro

The Metro was created as a replacement for the Mini. But who asked for these changes? In fact, the maker of this car model thought he was coming up with something better, only to spoil it further.

The Metro was popular in the old days because it was spacious and economic. It was hand-picked as Lady Diana Spencer’s car, hence the high price point that came with it. But despite this, the car couldn’t help but look like someone was trying to bung an additional wheel on the Reliant Robin.

3 Chrysler PT Cruiser

Chrysler PT Cruiser

Cars like the Chrysler PT Cruiser were considered popular in their time — blame their high price tag on their popularity. It looks like the manufacturer was trying to create a customized hot-rod when it backfired. All the fun and excitement of the original model was left out. Today, if we were to describe this car in details, it would take up the space of a whole article.

4 The Ford Flex

The Ford Flex

Yet again, this is a case of looks being sacrificed for performance. The Ford Flex (even the latest version) is something you wouldn’t want to have as a ride. At a cost of over $29,100, most people think the car is just too ugly for that price. You could compare it with the likes of Honda Accord Crossover which have no purpose existing.

5 The 2007 Mitsuoka Orochi

The 2007 Mitsuoka Orochi

We don’t know whether this was supposed to be another version of Lamborghini or something close to that. All we know is that this car wasn’t pleasing to the eye when it was first launched. The high price point (selling at $105,000) was just too high for such a bad-looking car. Perhaps people who bought it didn’t mind about its looks. They were only concerned with performance.

6 The Aurora monster

This car has a long and funny history. You see, it was built in the year 1957 by a New York priest who said he was trying to build one of the safest locomotives around. Clearly, it appears this was not granted by the heavens.

Only a single prototype was released — and it broke down nearly 15 times amid the journey as it was taking its passengers to a press conference. As a result, the car required towing to seven different garages.

7 Hummer


When it first got introduced to the public eye, it held on to the philosophy of ”be ugly, dangerous and expensive”. Anybody who owned it could easily be identified with its ridiculous nature. Besides managing 10mpg within the city, just look at it and you instantly realize that it belongs to a military convoy.

8 Jet stream SC250

Jet stream SC250

You’ll be surprised that an engine with wheels is called a sports car. How could a 12-executive panel sit down and approve such a car from whoever came up with the idea? Does it mean no one saw the fact that this car model looked like a go–kart? Apparently, those are some of the questions we’re seeking answers to. The SC250 is just one of those ugly but expensive pieces rare to come across on the roads.

9 Lister storm

Lister storm

If this car manufacturer was aiming at a throwback look, perhaps they made it. However, if they intended to design a modern sports machine, probably they missed the point.

Sports cars are better off when designed with modern as opposed to classic style in mind. Simply put, this car looks like a corvette every drug dealer owned in the 1980s. It’s not worth its price in 2015.

10 Mitsuoka Himiko

Mitsuoka Himiko

If you’re planning to some good money on a sports car, spare this one because its look isn’t original. In fact, it keeps reminding you that you’ve ever seen that look somewhere far from the realms of Mitsuoka Himiko. You will just be disappointed when you come across someone who knows cars really well. That someone might just tell you that your style is an ugly imitation of the Mazda MX-5.

In Conclusion On This List Of Top 10 Ugliest But Most Expensive Cars Ever

You should be very careful with cars and prototypes falling in this list. Never spend money on something that 7 out of 10 people will call ”Ugly”. It will demoralize you. It will make you feel like you lost money.