Thieves at a time, were well known for stealing anything they could get their hands on. But, these are economic times and even these criminals pick and choose things to steal for their own financial gains and purposes.

Majority of us might actually never have given it a thought, “what happens if our car gets stolen”? It is fun watching all that in a movie, but just give it a thought, what if that happens to you? I do not think you would like it at all!

Now, just give it one more thought that what would the thief do to your car once stolen? Sell it all or maybe, scrap out some major expensive parts, go for a ride or crash it! So even if you get back your car with the help of Law Enforcement Agencies, it certainly would not be what you left it like and that would not bring a smile on anyone’s faces either!

So that is why we need to be alert and know how to protect our car from being stolen, and keep your life on track instead of getting completely freaked or stressed out and running after a criminal, where you have no certainty of getting back your vehicle! Here are a few ways by which you can keep both your life and your vehicle on trackand how to protect yourself from auto-theft:

How To Protect Yourself From Auto Theft, Tested And Trusted Steps

1) Basic security steps

These are the few most basic techniques that most of the car-owners are aware of, but still are careless enough until the car gets stolen. These include:
a) Locking your car centrally, re-checking it once before you leave. Leaving your car open anywhere is very unsafe and a risk not worth taking
b) Always make sure you park your car in a well-lit areas and near security cameras, if there are any. Paid parking garages are considered safer than parking your car somewhere random, and
c) Even when you park your car in your own garage, make sure to lock all the doors and windows properly, and install a security camera for keeping your car safe and sound, and
d) Make sure you always have the keys with you, and not in the car!

2) Carry your belongings

Whenever we go out somewhere, there are times when everyone tends to leave a purse or a bag, some cash, jewelry or maybe a work suitcase in the car, but this is not very safe. As a matter of fact, this increases the risk of thieves giving your car more attention. So you can either hide them properly in your car where it is not visible to any outsider or carry them with us!

3) Improve Car’s security and update new tech

Anti-theft devices are one of the best options against auto-theft. Not only that, it is even motivated by the insurance companies to buy cars with a physical anti-theft device. Thieves always look for an easy target, which can make them easy money and they always look for a car which they can steal quickly without drawing any attention.With a physical anti-theft device, it is not possible to hot-wire and start a car without car keys.

Also installing an alarm-system, a steering-wheel lock and an immobilizer are a few wise choices for your vehicle’s security.

4) Never leave your car running

It is one of the riskiest situations you could put yourself in, by leaving your car running and unattended. Maybe you have had a very busy day and you just want to get back to your home, and then suddenly you remember to get something from a shop. You might leave your car running in a hurry, pop out to grab whatever you want, just for a minute or two and whoooooooosh…. Your vehicle’s gone.

And if your car was actually stolen in a situation like this, the insurance for your car is going to get invalidated. That is why it is always important to lock your car at all times and keep the keys safe!

5) The Worst-case scenario

Even after trying everything to keep your car safe, if the worst happens, what are we supposed to do? An auto-theft recovery tool might do the trick. There are a lot of systems available in the market which use the GPS system to pinpoint the exact location of your vehicle and once you know where your car is, you obviously know who to report to, The Law Enforcement. Also, activating mobile security alerts will always keep you updated about your car!

These day, auto-theft is so common that if it were a business industry, it would have already made its spot in the Forbes top 500. Which shows us that, even car thieves are very smart and updated, because this is pretty much their job. One of the recent trends used by the criminals is commonly called ‘Pinch and Park’, where they steal a car by stealing the keys from the owner and parking the car nearby, next to a park or pool to check whether the car has an anti-theft system or a tracking device! So in such a case, we must go see every public place for our car and see if the number plates are missing, because this is another one of their tricks.

Hope you guys follow the above and keep your car safe!