At the mention of the name, what comes to the mind of everyone is that he is the owner of the most popular social media in the world today. So much is known about Mark Zuckerberg, but little do we know the kind of humble life he lives compared to the type of wealth he has accumulated. Many will expect mark to be driving some of the costliest and fastest cars in the world today, but his choice of cars will prove you wrong. Here are some of Mark Zuckerberg car collections.

A List Mark Zuckerberg Car Choice

Acura TSX

With his bank account stuffed with billions of dollars, many will be on the look out to know the type of exotic car he drives, but it will shock you to know the type of cars he goes for even at his status. Despite his fame and riches, many will be amazed to hear that he drives an Acura TSX. He still owns it

Mark Zuckerberg Car


This is one of the cars in his collection, a VW Golf GTI worth about $30,000 as at 2014 when he was worth about $20 billion, with all the luxury cars at he could have comfortably acquired, he chose a Volks Wagen.

Mark Zuckerberg Car

Mark Zuckerberg Pagani Huayra

Mark decided to upgrade a little and show the world that he is still among the big boys and still has a good taste for cars. He was reported to be one of the first richest businessmen in the US to order for this car. The Huayra comes with it a 730 horsepower AMG V12.

Mark Zuckerberg Car

2015 Honda Fit

Mark Zuckerberg is known to always go for cheap cars and this is not an exemption. In fact, his Pagani Huayra is the only big car he is driving at his current financial status.

Mark Zuckerberg Car