Imagine the cars a billionaire can buy. A billionaire can have the fanciest and fastest cars in the world or even cars made to order, like very exclusive models handcrafted in Europe. However, the car collection of Mark Zuckerberg is, in fact, rather modest, with one exception. The creator of Facebook has currently a net worth estimated in $ 63.5 billion, according to the rankings of Forbes magazine, which makes him the fifth-richest person in the whole world. In addition, at the age of 33, he is one of the youngest billionaires in the world. Zuckerberg started his company from a Harvard dorm at the age of twenty developing the algorithms of relationships that made Facebook what it is today. He lives in a nice mansion in California with his pregnant wife and their first daughter, owns real estate in Hawaii, has a private jet but drives to the office, usually, in a VW hatchback. Here are some of Mark Zuckerberg car collections.

Beautiful Sight Of Mark Zuckerberg Car Collections

Volkswagen Golf GTi

Mark Zuckerberg Car

The Volkswagen Golf GTi that Zuckerberg drives is the seventh generation of the Golf model made by the German manufacturer. It has a 6-speed, manual transmission with and turbo engine of 2.2 liters which gives the car 220 HP. This version has leather seats and a comfortable interior. The Golf is fun to drive. The car can accelerate from zero to 100 km/h in 6.5 seconds.

Honda Fit

Mark Zuckerberg Car

Zuckerberg also has a Honda Fit. Yes, a Fit. It is not the car people would imagine that a billionaire has. However, the Fit is a five-door, front-wheel drive, B-segment subcompact car that shares the same small platform with other models of the Japanese manufacturer. The fit is monospace, that is, a car design as a single volume. It is an ordinary model for a medium class family. The Fit has a 1.5-liter engine that develops 117 HP.

Amazing Mark Zuckerberg Car Collections


Mark Zuckerberg Car

Acura is the luxury car division of Honda. This division is famous for producing cars with excellent mechanics and aggressive designs developed on the original Honda platforms. In addition to the Honda Fit, Zuckerberg owns an Acura TSX which is the Acura model developed on the platform of the Accord. It is a roomy, comfortable Sedan with a powerful engine of 2.4 liter that develops 280 HP.

Infiniti G Sedan

Mark Zuckerberg Car

An Infiniti G Sedan is another piece of Zuckerberg´s car collection. Infiniti is the luxury car division of the Renault-Nissan alliance. It is a large, luxury sedan with a 3.7-liter engine that can reach 328 HP offering excellent power with a lot of luxury inside.

Pagani Huayra

Mark Zuckerberg Car

The jewel of the crown in Zuckerberg´s collection is one of the cars people would think of when asked to imagine the cars a billionaire can buy. It is an Italian made Pagani Huayra. This two-seater sports car has a wonderful design with a base price of 850 thousand Euros. It is considered by the specialized press to be in the same level of the equivalent models of Bugatti, Aston Martin and Ferrari, just to name more recognized brands. This beast comes with a V12 6-liter engine that develops amazing 720 HP. Yes, it is fun to drive, for sure.

Probably the Zuckerberg´s car collection will be increasing and growing in price and speed in the near future. This could be a consequence of passion for cars that he showed when he drove a Nascar in the Charlotte, North Carolina Speedway. First accompanying race driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. and later alone, Zuckerberg tested the same Nascar Chevrolet the professional racer competes with. It develops 700 HP with all the thrill of a racing car in a professional track. People who do not have a profound passion for cars usually do not do it.

Another event that relates Zuckerberg with cars occurred also earlier this year when he visited a Ford plant in Detroit, Michigan. This time, he preferred to see the assembly line and, in fact, work in the actual assembly process of a pickup F-150. In addition to all the repercussion of seeing a billionaire doing a manual, heavy job and also the symbology of an icon of the new economy working in an assembly plant, one can interpret this action, again, as another demonstration of passion for cars, just like driving on the race track.

Of all the pieces of this collection, the Pagani is really the jewel and what people imagine a billionaire will have in the garage. It is worth each Euro of its price.