The game of going against the law and getting away with it in a city full of cops is an opportunity that anyone would give anything to get. Just imagine robbing a bank and outrunning the cops in a tight police chase or even being able to take the law into your own hands to hunt down the “bad guys ” .However being the one to hunt down the criminals is equally more exciting as you get to play the hero’s role. You might never be a cop or a hero in the real world but these 5 Irresistible cop car games will give you the opportunity to do exactly just that. Be hero in your own little way by playing the cop and going after dangerous criminals at the same time enjoying the thrill of racing only this time with an ultimate goal.

A List Of Amazing Cop Car Games

1. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

If you are the noble man who loves protecting the law then this is just the game for you. You will be acting a cop the equivalent of acting the Dwayne Johnson popularly known as the “ROCK” in the movie series Fast and furious. Here you will have the chance to seek after these ‘Out laws’  down to their water-loo. You may be thinking that playing a cop is not cool but what is cooler than a cop riding in a Lamborghini Reventon or any other super car? In fact there is a fleet of super cars to choose from. As if that is not enough the game also gives you the opportunity to play the ‘Bad guy’ and engage the cops in a car chase during which you will out them and get away. To experience both the thrill of playing the good and bad guy in one game is just amazing.

2. Real cops 3D

Real cops 3D

If you are in love with 3D graphics then this is absolutely the game for you. The game uses high quality 3D graphics making the game more lively and real. Apart from the view, the game involves participating in various police chases in the streets , fast highway and also other roads which involves helping the cops mission catch bandits. The game involves two categories of missions whereby in each mission you can try driving a new high speed car. The game also has various camera angles which will enable you view the game in many different angles making the game even more lively and real.

3. Need for Speed undercover

Need for Speed undercover

This is one hell of a game where there is not one but two chases. You are acting as a police officer undercover in fictional city where the game is based. You have to go after a wanted criminal who is a pro on the wheel to uncover the truth and survive. The game is simply a double cop chase game where the cops are chasing you and you are chasing a criminal. The criminal has all the answer needed to set you free and you have to go as fast as you can to catch the criminals before the cops catch you. The game features 109 miles of road and a huge highway system the largest one that Need For Speed has created so far.

4. Police car crime city

Police car crime city

This game looks more of a racing with very cool 3D graphics but the difference is the catch . In this game the ultimate goal is to go after reckless criminals driving with recklessly high speed in a busy city. The game based in a fictional city called rifle full of social evil, bandits, gangs etc. You as the police officer is charged with going after them where you will also be involved in a dangerous race where you have to evade oncoming cars to avoid crashing or causing more damage. The best part of the game however is where you smash the cars of criminals and put them off the road.

5. Hell cops

This is one controversial game where
you have the cops playing the Bad guy part. The police in the game get hungry for doughnuts push their way to getting the donuts driving over pedestrians ,parked cars and basically anything that stands between them and their doughnuts. The game is very enjoyable with beautiful graphics , a superb soundtrack and lots of action that will leave you wanting even more. The game plot is quite simple and can therefore be played by children at a considerably young age.