Mid-size cars like sedans are some of the most loved car designs for various obvious reasons. They are convenient, affordable, cost effective and easy to maintain. They are also stylish and will meet most of your transportation needs. However, not all mid- sized cars you see will meet your unique requirements. Therefore, it is important to keenly review the offer and compare it with your needs to determine whether it suites your purpose. Fortunately, there are various insights that can help you land cool and affordable mid size cars. Here are some tips to lead you to the best mid size car your budget can afford:

Cool and Affordable Mid Size Cars

Consider minimum base features in choosing cool and affordable mid size cars

A cheap price tag and purported fuel economy should not be all you look for when searching for a cool mid size car that will meet your requirements. There are several offers and trims on sales most (if not all) of which are promoted as affordable and having the best fuel economy. What’s true is that not all such offers exhibit what is displayed in the promotional messages. This is why you should first consider the minimum base features expected of a mid sized car. Some of the features buyers have come to expect include the following;
• Automatic transmission rather than (or alongside) manual transmission
• Bluetooth and USB ports
• Power driver’s seat and Backup camera
Trim levels that do not contain any one of these features is not considered cool. Fortunately, most modern trims and sedans recognize these requirements and strive to ensure they are integrated into the design.

Check the residual value after 5 years

When considering affordability of a car, fuel cost is often the first aspect people evaluate which is not in any way illogical. In fact, it is very important to find models that consume minimum fuel and go more miles than competitors. However, most people stop at the description given by the manufacturer rather than seeking honest comments from users. The best way to determine fuel cost is to look at it on a five year spun basis; find out how much it will cost you in five years. After determining this, calculate the residual value of the car after five years. You can find this information from various reliable sources like ALG.

Technology and interface

With the current advancements in technology, it is only right to find a car model that has a couple of cool features and nice-looking dashboards. However, some dashboards are cumbersome to read and understand which makes the entire reason for having technologically advanced features unreasonable. This is why you should evaluate the interface and ease of use. Find the latest entertainment features and ergonomic displays that will impress your family. Most four-door models mid sized cars have single display units but you can still find one that has something for people sitting on the rare seats. Bluetooth, cameras, USB ports, speakers, FM radio, connectivity and hands-free jacks are some cool features you should look for.

Interior and exterior designs

In order to find cool and affordable mid sized cars, you must strike a balance between interior and exterior features. People who get the chance to ride in your car will admire the cool interior specs. Those just viewing from outside will most likely get attracted to the external features. Some of the things to desire in a car’s interior include the magic rare seat, space efficiency, comfortable aesthetically beautiful cushioning and finish (probably leather) and cargo space. For the exterior, simply find a good looking trim from the 2016 Honda sedan.

Engine and performance

This is another crucial area to evaluate although fuel efficiency is often sufficient to warrant a good engine. Find larger tanks that can hold 1.5L and above producing not less than 120 horsepower. Both front wheel and all wheel drives have the full potential to be cool and affordable. To find durable models, check the drivetrain warranty and choose no less than 5 years on the same.

In Conclusion On How To Get Cool and Affordable Mid Size Cars

Naming one mid sized car as the best is quite daunting considering all the models that exist in the market. Each ride has its unique benefits and concerns. However, the 2015 Honda, 2016 Kia Forte, 2016 Mini Cooper, 2016 Hyundai Accent and 2016 Mazda 3 are some of the top choices if you want a cool affordable mid sized car. Volkswagen Golf and Ford Focus are also desirable models to consider.