Billionaires will often argue about the most expensive yacht in the market, and not the common rhetoric about which car to purchase. Owning a yacht is a close step towards owning an island. In fact its mobility serves as an added advantage to the owner. Once on it, you can avoid city stress and be close to only the elite few you would like to share this relaxing moment with. Nowadays, a yacht is the ultimate status symbol. Below you will find details about the most expensive yacht in the world and its features.

History Supreme- Valued At $4.5 Billion


As its name suggests, it’s not only the most expensive yacht in the world, but also the biggest. Its length standing at 100-feet, it has exterior plates made of 100,000 KGs of platinum and gold. The platinum and gold metals adorn the yacht from the base, to the deck, the dining area, anchor, staircases, as well as the rails. The boat’s interior features, particularly the walls of the master bedroom, are made of meteorite rock. It also has a statue made of T-Rex bones. Apart from the $45 million liquor bottle containing 18.5 carat diamond , the master suite is graced with an aquarium wall made of 68 kilogram 24-carat gold Aquavista Panoramic. It also has an iPhone wrapped using 500 cut diamonds, a home button fitted with two interchangeable diamonds, a rare eight-carat diamond, as well as a 7.4-carat pink diamond. The yacht was designed by Stuart Hughes, the world’s most renown UK luxury designer. It took him over three years to complete it.

Eclipse- Valued At $1.5 Billion


This is the second most expensive yacht covering 536 feet in length and a 22-meter width. It boasts of sophisticated security systems including a master en suite made of bulletproof glass, bulletproof windows, armor plating on its bridge and master bedroom, an intruder detector and a yachts missile defense system. Apart from its mini submarine that can submerge 50 meters underwater and easily dive from this yacht, it has numerous hot tabs, 24 guest cabins, children’s playrooms, three launch boats, a disco hall, two helicopter pads, conference room, a beauty salon, and two swimming pools. In addition, the boat has anti-paparazzi shield made of lasers sweeping that sweep its surrounding. It’s maintained by a 70-member crew and its listed for charter. This yacht is owned by Roman Abramovich and was built by Blohm and Voss of Hamburg.

Streets of Monaco – Valued At $1.1 Billion


From its name, you can tell that it’s a clear floating replica of the city of Monaco. The 500-feet yacht features scaled-down reproductions of Monte Carlo racetrack and Casino, the Loews Hotel, La Rascasse, Hotel de Paris, and Cafe de Paris. These are landmarks of Monaco, the billionaire playground. It has tennis courts, swimming pools, seven guest suites that can accommodate about 16 people, a spa ,dressing rooms, reception rooms, balconies, and bathrooms, all located at its centerpiece; the Atrium. In addition, the yacht has a mini waterfall, gymnasium, a unique café-bar that allows underwater views, the Oasis, BBQ facilities, submarines, and helicopters. It has a luxury penthouse reserved for the owner. This house covers 4,800 square feet area and has over three floors.

Azzam – Valued At $650 Million


The 590-feet long boat was designed for Khalifa bin Zayed al Nahyan, the president of United Arab Emirates. It boasts of a missile defense system, two helipads, a bullet proof body, an armor-plated master suite, two swimming pools, a hall, a mini submarine, and a cinema. It’s not only the fastest in the world with a record speed of 35mph or 30 knots, but also the most complex yacht there has ever been. The luxurious and sophisticated interior was designed by Christopher Leoni, a French interior decorator.

Topaz – Valued At $520 Million


The 482-feet yacht is owned by Mansour bin Zayed al Nahyan. Its interior was designed by Terence Disdale and the exterior by Heywood. This yacht features a gym, a movie theater, Jacuzzi, two helipads, seven decks, a large conference room, and three swimming pools. It is also listed for charter.

More Most Expensive yacht in the World and Their Features

The Dubai – Valued At $350 Million


The 531-feet long yacht is owned by Sheik Mohammed Rashid al-Maktoum, and is the third largest in the world. This yacht has 7 decks whose interior features include fine fabric and stunning mosaics. It also boasts of numerous Jacuzzis, sunbathing areas, a standard helipad that can hold about 9.5 tones , several spas, VIP suites that can accommodate 115 people, a lounge, a squash court, a large social area, and a swimming pool with handmade tiling. Its circular staircase is made of glass steps capable of changing color depending on the light that enters through the top deck. The yacht can do speeds of up to 26 knots.

Superyacht A – Valued at $323 million


It is the most unique, super, and Grade A yacht. The 390-feet yacht lives up to its name. It boasts of two smaller Limo boats, three swimming pools, latest entertainment systems, 2,500-square feet master bedroom, six guest suites that can host 14 people, a submarine, a disco, bath knob, a touch screen navigator, and a helicopter hangar. The tableware and glassware are made of French crystal and its master bedroom is well protected with a quality fingerprint scanner . The boat is owned by Andrey Melnichenko and has a space for 42 crew members.


Going through the above list, you will realize that owning a yacht is something that needs planning, and you must belong to the billionaires club. The quality of the materials used for its construction determines the overall value of the yacht.