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Imani Duckett is one of the celebrities who made headlines before she was born. Every time they step out of their homes or take a turn in their car, the camera and microphone are always there to capture the moment. Introducing Imani Duckett, daughter of renowned actress Jasmine Guy. Find out more about her age, bio, relationship, and parents.

A brief biography of Imani Duckett


Originally from New York City, Imani Duckett was born on March 28, 1999. Her parents are Jasmine Guy and Terrence Duckett. As a musician and an actress, her mother is also a producer, whereas her father’s profession is unclear. As an American citizen, Imani is a member of the Black ethnic group and belongs to the American nationality.

Her Interests and educational background

The city where her mother was raised, Atlanta, is where she attends high school. In addition, she also takes dancing and acting classes. She aspires to be an actress like her mother. According to Imani, it is her mother who is to thank for her skills and interests, because she inspired her.

The current net worth of Imani Duckett as of 2022

She relies on her mother for everything because she has not begun her career yet. In the coming days, Imani will no doubt become involved in the entertainment industry, earning both name and fame in the process. Since she is living with her mother, however, she is currently benefiting from her mother’s net worth.

As of 2022, her mother’s net worth is estimated to be around $4 million. During her career as an actress, her mother Jasmine made this whole idea possible. She is living a very luxurious life based on her mother’s net worth

Imani Duckett’s parents’ relationship status

The focus now shifts to the relationship between her parents. It is with great regret that we inform you that they have split up. A year after her first marriage to Grey’s Anatomy star Terrence Duckett, Jasmine gave birth to their only child, but couldn’t save their marriage for more than a decade. Thus, when Imani was nine years old, her parents separated on April 8, 2008. Additionally, after her divorce, she and her mother moved to Atlanta in order to start a new life

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Is Imani Duckett in a relationship?

It is rare to see Imani in the media. In general, she prefers not to be in the spotlight. Based on that, we can conclude that this young woman is single for now. She might have had some experiences in the past that made her take the decision to stay single for a while. But we are not going to conclude until she has made an official statement about her relationship status.

Her parents divorced when she was a young child. In spite of the father’s desire to have custody of his daughter, her mother insisted that she have her own autonomy. In spite of the fact that her parents had separated, her father still wanted to have joint custody of his daughter.

However, from the look of things, it appears that Imani is more comfortable and happy with her mum. As her mother, we wish for her to succeed in life and remain happy and blessed in life as well.

Imani Duckett’s Career Journey/Prospect

Imani Duckett is still young and has plenty of time left to choose her career path. However, as she has always been curious about acting, Imani recently made her acting debut in an Atlanta play called Serial Black Face. Director Freddie Ashley directed the play.

Additionally, on the part of Latoya, who is a teenage rebel and the daughter of Vivian, who lived at the time the Atlanta Child Murders took place in 1979, she took part in the play as Latoya.

In light of her talent and her skills, it is easy to guess that she will also become a successful actress like her mother.

She is a beautiful young woman with great potential. In addition, she is also interested in acting, just like her mother.

As a consequence, if she continues to show the same enthusiasm for acting, then for sure one day she is going to be a famous actress.

Her mother Jasmine began her career way back in 1988 when she starred as Dina in a musical-drama film entitled School Daze, in which she played a teenage girl.

In this film, legendary director Spike Lee directed Jasmine. She went on to appear in the famous TV show called The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air later on in her life.

Furthermore, she also played the role of Kayla, Will Smith’s girlfriend, and she rose to fame for her role in the film. In this respect, Imani has always had a special affection for her mom.