Top 10 Amazing Features of the Y62 Nissan Patrol 2017 Car

Launched in February 2010, the Y62 series is the sixth generation of the Nissan Patrol family of SUVs. Built with a powerful 4×4 traction and powered by a V8 motor that can generate up to 400 hp of power, the Nissan Patrol sports has an elegant design to complement its solid off-road traits. The Nissan Patrol has some unique features that make it stand out amongst its’ competitors and represent a big step on the evolution of the series, such as:

1.It’s fast, but quiet: The VK56VD direct injection engine is not just more powerful than the petrol-based engine from the previous Y61 series, it also consumes fuel in a much more controlled way allowing you and your passengers to enjoy a comfortable ride and keeping the power on your engine instead of on your steering wheel and seats. So much, in fact, that you can easily go from 0 to 100 km/h without feeling any vibrations.

2.Special all-terrain modes: One of the most handy features of the Y62 is that it allows you to adjust your driving style to the specific terrain that you are driving on. No longer will you need to have a superhuman sense of when to accelerate or hit the breaks. With just flipping a switch you can choose between four types of difficult terrain: sand, on-road, rock, and snow; and the vehicle’s computer will take care to calculate when to hit the breaks, allowing you to enjoy the ride without getting your vehicle stuck.

2016 Nissan Patrol1

3.Seats that are free of vibration: If you spend a lot of time behind the wheel then there’s probably nothing that you hate more than feeling every little bump or rock that your car’s steps on. But thanks to the Hydraulic Body Motion Control System of the Y62 you can sit and relax, while the suspension of your seat absorbes the impact created by uneven terrain.

4.Automatic slip control: Whenever you are driving through slippery terrain, like ice or a muddy road, and one of your rear wheels starts loosing traction, the Electronic-Locking Rear Differential automatically locks both of your rear wheels allowing you to gain sufficient traction to get out of the area.

5.Hill assistance: The Y62 includes some useful controls that allow you to take the load off your legs when you are dealing with hills. When you are parked in a hill with only switching on the Hill Start Assist you can release your hand brakes while you start the car, and if you are going down a slope and you select the Hill Down Control, both your break and throttle will be handled by the computer until you’ve reached level ground.

2016 Nissan Patrol 3

6.It’s a real beast of burden: The powerful VK56VD engine of the Y62 doesn’t just make it faster, but also has greatly increased the load that a Y62 vehicle can carry by more than a third of what its predecessor could manage. The new Nissan Patrol can carry a payload of up to 750 kg and tow up to 3500 kg, making it a perfect choice for caravan lovers.

More Amazing Features of the Y62 Nissan Patrol 2016 Car

7.-Better view for the driver: Sitting on the driver’s seat gives an unprecedented awareness of everything on the road. The seat allows the driver to sit higher and get a better view, while the giant side mirrors give an excellent view of any car nearby. It also includes a rear view camera that allows you to see in your LCD screen anything that’s on your blind spot.

2016 Nissan Patrol 4

8.-Rain sensing wipers: Something at first sight so unimportant as having intelligent windshield wipers can do a lot for your comfort. Whether you are driving through the suburbs or crossing a stream, the rain sensing wipers of the Y62 allow you to focus on driving instead of when to turn on and off your windshield wipers.

9.-Intelligent safety warnings: Safety is a big concern for Nissan and the new Y62 includes several sensor-based safety features – such as Blind-Spot Monitoring System , Forward Collision Warning System and Lane Departure Warning System- that alert the driver on any possible danger, giving him ample time to react before it’s too late.

10.-Cruise Control: The Y62 can also be optionally fitted with a Radar Cruise Control System that takes control of the speed of the vehicle and keeps a safe distance with other vehicles around, making it ideal for driving around busy highways where it can maintain the vehicle at a safe distance from other vehicles while at the same time reducing driver’s fatigue.