Donk cars (sometimes better known as “hi-risers” or “sky-scrapers”) are a trend rooted in the Southern hip-hop culture that has spread widely across the rest of the continental U.S. They feature car bodies from the 1970s, ’80s, or ’90s with massive (usually disproportionate) rims, all of which is supported by a high-end suspension system that gives the car a jaunty, bouncing appearance, usually with the front end swaying higher than the back end. This is all done for the most important reason of all: Fun. Remember, functionality is rarely the goal of the most-serious donk creators and drivers. So buckle up for a list of the 10 craziest donk cars we have ever seen.

10.donk-cars-1Though it may not be sporting the flashiest paint job, this donk deserves a shout out for its massive spoke wheels, making it resemble an old-timey horse-drawn carriage more than any sort of modern car. So bust out the whip and climb a ladder to your chariot as the old guy directing this beast through traffic on a lazy Sunday.


Donks as crazy as this make you wonder how anyone ever thought of something like this. Although a high-rise limo may sound completely unnecessary to the everyday pedestrian, donk-lovers know this trend is beyond convenience. It’s about displaying style and flair in unimaginable ways, and a donk limo certainly demonstrates quite a bit of creativity.


Go buy yourself a rope ladder in order to climb into this cleverly Donkey Kong-themed donk. The paintjob is classic, retro, and stylish, sporting decals featuring everyone’s favorite video-game ape. With tires as large as this, you might even have to swing into it from a passing vine.


Even without the flashy rims, this ketchup-mustard paintjob on this sleek donk is certain to catch a few stares as it rolls down any city street. Now add those extravagant rims and the fact that it’s a classic convertible, and now you’ve guaranteed craning necks trying to catch the slightest glimpse of one of the most-fly donks around.


Those desperately in search of a taxi won’t miss this impressive donk-taxi hybrid coasting down the street. The only thing separating this car from an ordinary cabbie is its state of the art suspension system that supports some seriously oversized rims (though be sure to note the classic, unflashy design of those rims, as if they were an enlarged version of those original to the taxi’s model).


This green machine boasts of so much chrome and has such a strong shine to it that one begs for sunglasses just to gaze upon it. This donk has been decked out from top to bottom, from the high-end rims to the ivory leather interior. Surely whoever fashioned this donk had the time of their life doing so.


Some people, despite being famous for one laudable skill, can’t help themselves from showing off their style in more than one way. Such is the case with NFL running back Darren McFadden, who pimped out this Joker-style donk to the max, showing he has flair both on and off the field.


Sometimes it’s just not enough to limit yourself to pimping just cars. Sometimes where you see an ATV, your brain automatically jumps to the thought, “I need to donk this.” This is the result of this impulse, and we are all thankful for the magician who pulled this trick off, giving inspiration to all off-roaders who have always craved to show off their extravagance.

2.craziest-donk-cars-6Trucks are normally big. They usually demand a step stool to get into. But this truck requires a full-fledged ladder, as the rearview mirrors stand higher than the average person’s head. This pimped-out truck takes the donk trend to a whole new level, as it continues to beg the age-old question: Why? The answer: Because we can!

1. craziest-donk-cars-7

Here at #1 we have the ultimate oxymoron. Sports cars a typically prized for being low to the ground to increase aerodynamics and therefore speed and control. Well, the creator of this donk has thrown all that out to the wind, as they have jacked up the suspension in order to fit these ultra-impressive rims to this sleek, stylish body. It’s an impressive feat that honors the long-held donk tradition in all its insanity.