Back in time, car was a luxury that only rich people could afford. Luckily, times have changed and car became available to everyone, it stopped being a luxury and instead it’s pure necessity. While guys prefer big, manly cars that only suit their personality, girls like cute and practical ones. After all, you want a car to match your bubbly and cute personality but you also want it to be practical enough for your everyday commitments. If you’re looking for cheap and affordable, cute and girly cars, you came to the right place. This post will reveal top 10 cheap and cute cars for girls.

Latest list of top 10 cheap and cute cars for girls


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This car has everything you’re looking for. It’s affordable, cute and practical; you can park it just about anywhere. Also, if you happen to like England, particularly London, then you can hit the jackpot with this car. After all, all those movies always show London with bunch of MINIs passing by. Another great thing about MINI is that you can opt for any color you like.

2. Toyota Yaris

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Toyota Yaris deserved its place on top 10 cheap and cute cars for girls due to its super cute design, safety, and spacious interior. When looking at the photo of the car, you would compare it to just any other compact car, but it’s more than that. Plus, this car is available in passionate red, grey, silver, black, and blue color. This is the type of the car that will make road trips with your girlfriends cuter and frustration free as you’d be able to fit in all your bags. Plus, Toyota is well-known for its safety which is another reason you should consider Yaris.

3. Peugeot 107

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If you need a cute car to run errands and go to work, then Peugeot 107 is your ideal car. Just like most cars made by Peugeot, this one is also cute and among standard colors it is also available in purple. This cars is also perfect for all those girls and women who love Europe as it offers that sophisticated European chic vibe. Also, it is widely believed that inspiration for design of this car and its interior was none other than Angelina Jolie. Designer wanted the car to be sophisticated and elegant, but still show off some edginess at the same time.

4. Hyundai ix20

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You’re looking for a relatively bigger car but you also want it to be cute? Well, if that’s the case then number 4 on our top 10 cheap and cute cars for girls can live up to your expectations. Hyundai ix20 is economical, affordable when compared to its counterparts, and it still has that cute look you’re going for. The car is the perfect proof that versatility, ease of use and practicality can look super cute. This spacious and beautifully-designed car is perfect for girls and women who prefer comfortable or sporty elegance.

5. Chevrolet Spark

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Chevrolet Spark is the affordable and fuel-efficient car that will be a center of attention wherever you go due to its compact, but powerful design and characteristics. Another brilliant thing about Chevrolet Spark is the ability to get it in pink color which is perfect for all those girly girls out there.

6. Chevrolet Beat

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Here’s another Chevy car on our list. We’re talking about Chevrolet Beat which is able to run on two fuels thus adding to its compact and versatile nature. This car is very easy to maintain which is perfect if you have a busy schedule or simply don’t want to own a car that requires a lot of maintenance. Besides standard colors like white, black, grey, or blue, you also have the option to purchase green one which matches your bubbly personality.

7. VW Beetle

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Okay, it would be impossible to create a list of cutest cars for girls and leave out VW Beetle. First, that’s Barbie’s car. And second, it is definitely the cutest car ever made. Although VW strive to make this car manlier to attract male buyers, somehow all versions look extremely girly and attract women mostly. This super cute car is ideal for city girls who like to cruise around town and just have fun.

More top 10 cheap and cute cars for girls

8. Nissan Juke

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Do you like SUVs, but would like to have one that’s a bit more girly? Then, Nissan Juke is definitely a car for you. This is a mini SUV that combines practicality, versatility, elegance and great power in one vehicle. Plus, it is also important to mention the car provides safety and sense of security as well. Along with basic colors, Nissan Juke is also available in yellow that is perfect for women and girls who like to stand out.

9. Fiat 500

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If you are into retro chic then Fiat 500 is your go-to car. The car was inspired by the previous models made by this company. It’s compact, cost-effective, easy to maintain and allows you to bring spirit of 70s and 80s into 2016. We can safely say it’s something that Barbie would drive if there were no VW Beetle in the picture.

10. Honda Fit

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Our list ends with Honda Fit or also known as Honda Jazz. Most customers report they were amazed when they realized the power and how much gear this compact car has. Plus, it belongs to the group of cars that offer a lot of space although their size would make you assume otherwise. This is the car that you can cruise with around the city and also drive to the countryside for some rest and relaxation.


If you’re looking for a girly car then you have probably found a few vehicles you like on our top 10 cheap and cute cars for girls list. This list included compact, practical, versatile, and elegant car that every girl would like to have. Besides their cute exterior, these cars are easy to maintain and offer spacious interior at the same time.